Titan V2 status down

Hi all! I received my Titan V2 this week. I have it plugged into the power and internet, and it’s running. But the explorer says my farm is still down. Do i need to do anything else? Could anyone help me out? My farm name is JJFarm.

Kind regards,

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Hi Joeri! Let me look into this for you …

Hi Gosam, thanks! If you need any info, please let me know.

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Hi Joeri. We will look into that for you right away. I do suggest we move this conversation to our support chat. You can message us through the ThreeFold Connect app (tab support) or on www.threefold.io. In the meantime, we’ll take a look at this issue.


Jan has helped me a great deal! My Titan is up and running right now.


Super happy to hear that!

I have a Titan V2 on the way so interested in your experience.

Hi Samish!

So far an excellent experience. As you can read from the topic my Titan had some trouble getting started, but the team was very supportive and helped resolve the issue very easily. It has been running ever since without any trouble.

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