Tips For Managing Your TFT Token

Setting up and using your Threefold Connect Wallet

      As with everything related to crypto-currency its easy to get lost quickly in talk of block chains, bridges, tokes, chains. quite honestly after years of involvement with cryptocurrencies I still find myself scratching my head at time trying to understand what it all means and how to get one token into another. This guide is not intended to provide investment/financial advice, but explain the functional steps of using or trading your TFT.

For the most seamless experience during grid interactions create a wallet using the Threefold Connect wallet that is available for Android and IOS, this a fully featured stellar wallet that can send and receive any crypto-currency and also has multiple features that make your experience deploying or farming on the grid smoother.

If you need to manage other stellar based coins or buy/sell TFT you can import your Threefold Connect wallet into a wallet application like Lobstr using the recovery phrase you wrote down during the Threefold Connect Setup. Lobstr is also available for both Android and IOS. Once you have done this you will be able to use one wallet in both application’s interfaces allowing you to benefit from both the features of Threefold Connect and Lobstr. I have Created multiple Videos documenting how this setup can be achieved and utilized

Using the Lobster Interface with your Threefold Connect Wallet

Fund your Deployment Twin from a non Threefold Connect wallet

Managing your TFT Balance The Easy Way

Providing Liquidity to the TFT Token on the Stellar Distributed Exchanges

      Because TFT is a native stellar token, it is supported on the Stellar Distributed Exchange to allow for the establishment of decentralized liquidity pools that are controlled by the block chain itself. This providers holders of the TFT Token an opportunity to commit their TFT paired with another coin, typically USDC or XLM, to the Distributed Liquidity Pool to support the coins ability to be bought and sold with reduced impacts to market stability. Providing Liquidity is an advanced crypto currency concept and you should thoroughly research the concepts behind it before embarking on this investment. I have collected a few resources as well as a video I created that will hopefully get you started on the concepts.

if you wish to provide liquidity on the Stellar Dex for TFT you can do at StellarX