Tiny token reward for Best Meme of the Week! (CLOSED)

I’d like to propose a tiny reward be offered to the best community-generated ThreeFold meme-of-the-week.
Maybe 1,000 tokens.
Every Friday someone collates the ten best and looks at the engagement each one got and rewards the creator.


I like this a lot. :pray:t4:

Here on the forum or somewhere else, like Twitter?

Maybe 1,000 TFT is a lot for this. 500? Let’s see.


Yeah, I’m sure a token amount would be fine. Just something so that it happens and starts to happen regularly.

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Good idea but 1000 TFT is too much

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Given the proposal is “meme-of-the-week”, I would presume 500 is also a bit much. Eventually 2000 / 2500 at the end of 4 / 5 weeks.

Our meme king @reignmack :wink: will be raking it all in… :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:


Indeed we could adjust the TFT reward and the frequency where it is given, but overall it’s a great idea.

Encouraging Threefold meme creators looks like a good initiative.