ThreeFold x SelfKey

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with SelfKey - a non-custodial wallet whereby you are in full control of your data, documents and digital assets.

SelfKey Marketplace also allows users to open a business abroad or open a foreigner bank account from within the SelfKey Wallet – facilitating a borderless, equal and unified approach to traditional baking privileges.

Our matching core values regarding decentralization and online privacy make them a partner that we’re honoured to have in our ecosystem. By providing SelfKey with a decentralized network to host their self-sovereign blockchains, we are perfect complementary partners that together are helping bring the power back to the people!

Using their platform and our 3Bot, a myriad use cases can be explored, starting with KYC for ThreeFold Farmers, to identity verification for migrants and refugees and potentially anyone in the whole world that lacks proper and authenticated identity verification.

The possibilities are limitless!

What would you use SelfKey’s platform for?

How do you see our collaboration being the start of positive global impact?


would be interesting to get update on selfkey, how can we integrate more

TFCloud might be interested to support this more info see