ThreeFold Weekly! March 7th Edition (Volume Nine)

ThreeFold Weekly!

Hi ThreeFolders!

Here’s to another week in the ThreeFold Universe. From last week:

Major ThreeFold News

  • ThreeFold is part of Structura-X – a lighthouse project ensuring common European infrastructure services that meet Gaia-X requirements. Together with 27 organizations such as Atos and Deutsche Telekom, we’re thrilled to bring open-source infrastructure and tooling for fair governance.

  • Three big tree-planting initiatives are ongoing in Malawi, Cambodia and Sierra Leone with more than 5,000 trees planted already. These initiatives in partnership with Take Action Global will make ThreeFold the first planet-positive peer-to-peer Internet on earth. Learn more here.

Community Updates

  • An important discussion has started around the potential listing of TFT on major exchanges.

  • A manifesto was co-initiated to highlight the importance of a peer-to-peer Internet to safeguard a better future for humanity.

  • The verification process of the first batch of validators has started. Please reach out on the Forum if you haven’t done so already. There are only 12 spots left in the first batch of L2 and L0 validators combined.

  • We’ve been truly inspired by the stories and backgrounds of validator applicants and are grateful to have such value-driven people securing the ThreeFold Blockchain.

ThreeFold Grid

  • The migration from V2 to V3 is ongoing. It is important for all farmers to migrate ASAP to lock in V3 farming rewards. The process is simple and made available to you on ThreeFold Connect. For newly ordered Titan 3Nodes, please follow this specific migration process.

  • All Rest of the World orders were released for those who completed the process. North American orders are now being released and European orders will start again in March.

Technology Developments

Bonus reading material! Learn why we must work together to build a safe and secure digital world for all – and why it all starts with a neutral Internet backbone in this blog post.

See you next week, everyone! :raised_hands:

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