ThreeFold Weekly! March 14th Edition (Volume Ten)

ThreeFold Weekly!

Hi ThreeFolders,

Let’s take a look at last week’s most important happenings in the ThreeFold universe:

Major ThreeFold News

  • Last week, we announced our partnership with UAE-based Paradise Hills. ThreeFold and Paradise Hills joined forces to bring the world’s largest decentralized Internet Cloud powered by the ThreeFold Blockchain into homes in Dubai. Learn more here.

Already, this partnership has been covered by CoinMarketCap, Crypto Daily, Yahoo Finance, Gulf News, Unlock Blockchain, finLedger and more.

Community Updates

  • Three big Take Action Global and ThreeFold sponsored tree-planting initiatives have gotten started in Malawi, Cambodia, and Sierra Leone – and soon in the Philippines – with more than 5,000 trees planted so far! For project details and to get involved, head here. In case you missed it, check out our previously-shared plans to enable a regenerative Internet for all! You can find plenty of details in our three-part series.

  • As ThreeFold Farmers are at the heart of the ThreeFold ecosystem, we’re looking for farmers who would be interested in sharing their stories with the world. You can find more information here.

  • Sam has shared some inspiring takeaways from the validator verification calls. Check it out here.

  • We have limited spots left in the first batch of L0 and L2 validators, so hurry if you want to make the first batch.

ThreeFold Grid

  • Last week, farming rewards were paid out, however, we noticed a bug in the minting code on V3 which negatively impacted payouts. There was also some confusion about uptime requirements. The 3Node team has been working on addressing these issues based on feedback from the community, and an update will follow later today or tomorrow.

  • There are still quite a few 3Nodes that haven’t been migrated to V3 yet. Please make sure your nodes are all migrated ASAP to lock in V3 farming rewards. The process is simple and made available to you on ThreeFold Connect.

  • On the shipping side, Rest of the World and North American orders are going out in weekly batches. Shipping for European orders will resume shortly (specific date to follow). If you have an open order, please make sure to complete this specific migration process for open orders so that we can get your Titan as quickly as possible. (Note: Emails were also sent out last week on this topic.)

Technology Developments

Also, give last week’s newest blog posts a read if you haven’t done so yet:

Have a great start into the new week, everyone! :raised_hands:

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