ThreeFold Web Presence 3.0 Audience

Web Presence Audience

This is the first target audience for our web presence, of course this will change and expand to more later, but it allows us to be very concrete now


Get consensus about who is it we target at first with our web presence.

Farmers / Token Investors

Our purpose

  • New farmers -> expansion of grid
  • Confidence around value of token


  • Farming Solution =
    • Solution which allows a farmer to earn TFT by doing something
  • What is the farming solution
    • You can figure it out yourself and download our operating system and get going
      DIY farmers
    • You can buy a computer/server from a partner who will help you to get started.
    • You can go to a cooperative (which will host for you): future
    • You can go to TFTech if you need a large farm (upto country scale)
  • What is the solution composed of technically
    • ZOS
    • TFChain = our blockchain for the TFGrid
    • Stellar = money blockchain
    • TFConnect = wallet
    • Explorer = component to visualize info from TFChain
    • All provisioning tools (plenty off…)

Why would a farmer buy the product?

    1. TFT income, financial gain
    1. help community around to get internet capacity close to where they are
    1. really wanting to help the world

Necessary Requirements

  • Show TFT scarcity is by design, so too low now
    • Scarcity = burning + discount based on staking
    • Nr of TFT created < less than commercial capability of a box.
    • Solutions coming online (see Channel Partners for Cloud Capacity)
  • Show Threefold and as such TFT is undervalued
    • Comparison with other crypto projects,
      we are the sum of many but orders of magnitude less value now (marketcap)
    • Market we play in is huge and we are usable for many use cases, our TFT is a must to buy our services as such in combination with scarcity -> we are undervalued
  • Mention we are not an investment instrument !!!
  • Show we have real use cases (see below), and more coming.
  • Show our technology is usable (see developers audience).

Channel Partners for Cloud Capacity

Anyone using Amazon, Google, Alibaba, MS Azure and is looking for a new cloud system with the following benefits: glocal, cost, ease of use, super easy to pay for, (green).

BUT only when the workloads = scale out web infrastructure

Positioning: the first green peer2peer cloud in the world.

Is not the end user, is indirect channel (B2B2C)


  • Integrated Software Vendors (ISV) = software vendors like owncloud, looking for more efficient ways how to get their SW operational (SAAS)
  • INTEGRATORS = partners who are looking for cloud infra for their customers.
  • Storage Applications/Solutions = use our layer as their backend storage system

Our purpose

  • Show the world about FUTURE utilization through tangible usecases
  • Show extent of TFGrid capabilities
    • Is compute, storage & network in broad sense
    • Is a combination of 5+ other vertical crypto solutions (storage, compute, …)

Timing of deployments

  • We can have SOME early adopters which we help with the limited resources we are having
    • High impact usecases with limited resource utilization
  • We need a 3-9 month window before we go life for the larger projects

Necessary Requirements

  • Website which
    • Explains our cloud and how it is a viable alternative to the Amazons of the world
    • Team = credibility
    • Link to wiki for cloud manual
    • Partner section
    • Invite partners to come on board, getting in contact page
    • Need to show how we are growing, who will come life by when?
    • dns:
  • Cloud manual
    • as wiki

Developers Toolset

They use the TFGrid to develop/test on top off.

Their usecaser = tools for development process (testing, integration, development, git, collaboration…).

Our purpose

  • Show technology works (is not production grade workloads)
  • Indirect publicity for future workloads on grid (they will recommend to their customers)
  • Get testing exposure (without going in full blown production)


  • A development toolset to allow developers to develop, integrate, test, …
    • Continuous integration
    • Development (develop on a VM in the cloud, e.g. like Gitpod)
    • Testing (using our automation tools & frameworks like Terraform)
    • Experimentation/research (have lots of capacity available)
  • How
    • Use our plugins to tools as they are used too

They require

  • cost effective
  • integrated with all industry standards
  • 100% api driven deployments
  • automatic billing (super easy)
  • scalable to any level (testing)

What it is not

  • It’s not a development framework to develop on top off.
  • We are not a DAPP framework.

Necessary Requirements

Emerging Countries, Freezones and Telcos/Tower Companies:

Any authority looking for having sovereign internet capacity in their region independent from the big players (US/China). Today their only option is to build datacenters and let people do everything in the datacenter (complicated) or partner with the Amazons of the world.

This will not go on our main ThreeFold website, but a branded custom version called Uhuru.


  • a peer2peer cloud layer
    • can be installed in datacenters or anywhere in country
    • compatible with most IT requirements
  • a digital twin framework, for future possibilities
  • solutions which show alternative to zoom, whatsapp, gdocs, …

They require

  • sovereign, secure
  • possibility to regulate, …
  • potential promote local economy
  • cost effective
  • compatible = integrated with all industry standards
  • scalable to any level

Not a global scope

  • This is for emerging regions only,
    the other regions are too complicated for us to deal with at this stage.

What could be the most compelling reason?

  • Antidote for cyber pandemic situation

Necessary Requirements

  • Presentation / Web presence which represents case
  • Link back to ThreeFold


  • Suggest to do as Uhuru.
  • Presentation & Website all around Florian
  • Sponsors/Stakeholders
    • Mamadou can give input (he is good customer)
    • Ali
    • Kristof
  • Need multiple iterations
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