ThreeFold Swag!

I saw @FLnelson post in the chat over the weekend about ThreeFold swag, and recently when wearing my ThreeFold shirt in Dubai at the World Blockchain Summit or on calls with validators and other community members, people have been asking about getting one for themselves.

So I wanted to formalize a place for a discussion on ThreeFold swag – shirts, stickers, etc – where we can decide together on what we should create, how we should create it, how we should distribute, who wants in, etc.

Also I was thinking that obviously ThreeFold can produce some swag, but in the spirit of decentralization, maybe the community can also do so themselves as well when we share branding materials? Maybe we could open up a marketplace section on the forum where people can offer up their own designs and creations? I don’t know. Just spitballing here …

For reference, these are the shirts we’ve already made (apologies for the wrinkles, this is just to give you an idea):

photo_2022-04-13 13.48.43

photo_2022-04-13 13.49.26

photo_2022-04-13 13.49.31

And here are some stickers that we have produced / can produce:

photo_2022-04-13 13.40.46

photo_2022-04-13 13.41.04

Let’s collect some ideas here in the comments and then for those who are interested, we can formalize it together.