ThreeFold Product Updates (July 2022): TFGrid v3.6.1 Highlights & More

ThreeFold Product Updates - July 2022


Hi ThreeFold Community!

My name is Sasha from ThreeFold’s Product Management, and I would like to give an update on ThreeFold Product Updates July 2022. Please be aware that this is a product highlight that only cover some, and not all of our products and services.

TFGrid v3.6.1

TFGrid v3.6.1 is now LIVE on mainnet and is available for public testing! :rocket:

:face_with_monocle: Feel free to go to our TFGrid v3.6.1 Release Note or the in-depth details of component upgrades and new grid features.,

Sneak a peek on TFGrid v3.6.1

ThreeFold Grid Dashboard v3.6.1

TFGrid Dashboard is an all-in-one TFGrid utility and product tool that include various usability in features ThreeFold products such as TFGrid Stats, TF wallet, TFChain, farm management, and many more. This is the main highlight of TFGrid v3.6.1 release.

We launched TFGrid Dashboard v3.6.1 with a simpler user workflow and a more unified user experience for ThreeFold community. Let’s take a look at some of TFGrid Dashboard as shown below

Node Reservation

Users now are able to reserve nodes live via TFGrid Dashboard


Users now are able to vote on TFChain DAO proposals live via TFGrid Dashboard

Inclusive TFGrid Stats

Users are now able to access the newly improved TFGrid Stats, inclusive on TFGrid Dashboard v3.6.1
Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 13.29.13

The list of improvements and upgrades goes on, some including * Improved Farm management feature, Twin management, enabled transferring money to TFChain accounts, Binance - Stellar token swaps, Farm Explorer, and many more.

:face_with_monocle: Click here to start testing and using the new TFGrid Dashboard v3.6.1!

Uhuru v1.4.1 (beta)

Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 18.35.38

Uhuru (beta) is ThreeFold’s all-in-one decentralized productivity tool that includes instant messaging, video call, social, and data storage features.

In this release, we continued tackling the UI/UX issues and bugs, such as adding more screen size adaptability, browser compatibility and also improved mobile views. Some features are also being added such as group chat management, and a notification system.

Click here to know more about the recent release on this detailed Uhuru v1.4.1 forum post.

In-app Isolated Browser

Browse the internet securely with ‘Glass’, Uhuru’s in-app isolated browser

All productivity tools you need

Stay productive with Uhuru’s in-app productivity tools including document editor and many more.

:face_with_monocle: Click here to start testing and using this awesome decentralized messaging platform by logging in using your TFConnect ID.

Mobile App Support

Hello phones! Now you can start using Uhuru on your mobile browser.

TFConnect App v3.6.1


TFConnect App is ThreeFold’s all-in-one identity management, wallet and news app available for users on both android and iOS store. On this new feature release of TFConnect App includes better usability and user experience through the app workflow improvements as well as design and interface, look and feel improvement. We have also finally added Planetary network support for iOS users

:face_with_monocle: Download TFConnect App (android) and TFConnect App (iOS) on your mobile phone if you haven’t done so.

Release Note and Documentations

There are some other improvements and cool new features that have been released within TFGrid v3.6.1, go to our TFGrid v3.6.1 Release Note or the in-depth details of component upgrades and new grid features.

We’d like to thank our hardworking engineers, product managers, QA and support teams that have made this release possible. And we’d like to thank you as well, our community and testers for using our technologies and believing in our product.

Join our Tester Community!


Any constructive feedback, advices and suggestions are more than welcome for us to improve our next releases.

:face_with_monocle: We’d like to invite you to join our TFGrid Tester Community telegram channel to meet other community members, test our products, receive new product announcements, and start some conversations on our new improvements, and many more.

What’s Next?

I will be back next week to announce ThreeFold Product Planning August 2022 and TFGrid v3.7.0 release plan. There are a lot of exciting new features planned ahead and I can’t wait to share it to everyone of you here. Stay tuned!

Love and Gratitude,

Sasha Astiadi
ThreeFold Product Management


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Uhuru v1.4.1 (beta) is great.
Glass is very useful.

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