ThreeFold October 24 2022 Community Call: Announcement + Q&A

Friends, it’s due time!

This update will be a general session touching on a wide array of topics related to latest ThreeFold developments, the current status of things, and what’s upcoming. Join in to get caught up!

A series of more detailed calls will follow in which we will go deeper into specific areas. These will be announced tomorrow (edit: asap).

Call Details
When: Monday October 24 5pm CEST
Where: Call Link

Ahead of time please read this status update from @kristof.

If you do have any questions, please reply to this post by 11:59pm CEST on Sunday October 23rd by replying to this post.

The call will be recorded, for those who cannot attend live.


How big is the community? As on the forum votes and in general around 30-50 ppl are active of which probably some are working for threefold team

Last call had about 40 people.

Question for the call: What is the technical reasoning behind requiring TPM for Wake on LAN? WOL should function just fine on its own as far as I’m aware.

Additionally, if TPM is indeed a requirement for the WOL feature, what is the minimum version of TPM acceptable?

What are the plans for bringing utilisation to the grid?

What are our 1st, 2nd 3rd products?

From the existing network capacity especially main net which is currently utilised approximately 0.5% would it be possible to allocate a percentage lets say 1% for free for people to use it for lets say 3 months so we can draw interest?

Is there a plan for the near future to start implementing the token lock? From the initial 100% lock for 2 years now its 0%. If we delay it wouldn’t it get more difficult to implement? And wouldn’t a token lock help consolidate the project?


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Hello @imp221. We’re really looking for more utilization on the grid. Today about one percent of all CPU’s are being used and we welcome higher percentages. One of the things that got launched with version 3.7.1 of the grid is dedicated nodes. A dedicated node is exactly what it sounds like: You “rent” a comlpete node. When you have rented a complete node you pay one fixed rate independent of the number of VM’s, applications and storage consumption. Please find the options to reserve a dedicate node in the dashboard

In the coming days, we will announce a campaign in which the community can vote to have high discounts for dedicated nodes. Also don’t forget that if you have TFT’s in your wallet you will get discounts based on the amount of TFT’s.

Discount levels are specified here

It is desirable to make it possible in the ThreeFold Connect application to notify the farmer when a node is turned off. For example a pop-up notification “Node 12345 is down! Last time on line 13:30 on 25/10/2022”. Currently, the current status information in the node list is incorrect. There are nodes in my farm that are not actually connected to the network but appear as connected (these were test nodes I used some time ago). It will be very convenient if a small green or red dot is shown in the list opposite each node. There were several electricity power interruptions on my place last week. Possibly in the event of a power outage and then recovery, the farmer will be able to turn on the nodes immediately.

Recording is available here: ThreeFold October 24 2022 Community Call & Town Hall: Recording