Threefold Nutrition Facts

For the version without the logo on the top right, would it be a good idea to have the Threefold Logo in the middle at the top?

I ask because, without the business logo, there will be a “gap” at the top right corner.

also perhaps it’s better to write” instead of “

Perhaps you can apply for a Grant in the forum section, to get TFT for your work done when you publish the PSD files of the general version.

*I edited the original reply.

Im not sure about the logo being that big. Think that eventually we want this printed everywhere.
I believe that bars are the place. cool places like the one im working at. Full exposure. And people willing to invest in the guizmos like Titan.
But indeed senior i can make that part as your proposal
Imagine this being printed n many palces, and the poster has a place where the logo of the business could be added?

Where in the forum can we apply?

OK! I get your idea. Excellent. I agree let’s have a place for the business logo.



Ok guys , here comes the creative commons final V1
It’s now, or never to say something…NUTRITION FACTS threefold whitout intz


It looks great. But I thought your idea of leaving some space for the company logo or else what good.

For example, this one


Here if you simply remove INTZ48, it would be a great template for anyone to use it, and people could add their company’s logo if they wanted.

What do you think? Basically, that’s the idea you proposed earlier.

This model will be print in anywhere people want to simply promote without any commercial.
The PSD cc file people could simply remove that part.
I like the internet frase big and clear.
How it sounds?

In any case, I can’t provide several files for free use.
Not to worry
Now, where should I publish these files?

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Did you ever get any design files? I need them for some sticker design tomorrow.

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Hi Nelson
I just need to proof read them, then I will send all PSD files cc version!
I’m not sure will be for tomorrow… Would be cool to have a space to have all these files available for everyone!
Please wait a bit longer
2 company’s
3 daughters
High season for tourism in the island…


Sam posted them today, got what I need.

Well gents
We have it done!


Double like! It’s wonderful.

You’re in for a lot of questions and curiosity from your customers!

I know
That’s where the fan starts!
I just need the Titan sent guys!
This is pure guerrilla marketing at its best.
Add my natural and explosive interest for sovereignty and ownership rights, it become a game.
When people come to pay, the sign is just behind the payment system… And I show them the the BTC sign as alternative payment method… Guess what they immediately see just next to it?
The TFT facts!
Unfortunately, the team is not sending this thing!
Come on amigos! Por favor! Thanks must be priority! It will promote and help sell more units.
We want a green an inclusive world… That’s nice, now we want the nasty cash and the network deployment.
That we do spreading the information.
Coffee shops are the right spot!

Here come the fianl version. Im not sure i can upload PSD vector here…
Lets see

I Cant.
Admin please tell me where i can post the PSD free use version of the nutrition facts??

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Would it be possible to share a shareable hyperlink? (via a Cloud or else)

Or perhaps on the Telegram Farmer group, then share the Telegram link here?

It’s a good question.

Hello there!
I can do that in a google drive folder…!
There is no possibility to have a repository hosted by threefold?

In any case, i can arrange the first one

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For now, a Google Drive folder would be OK.
Maybe using would be a step more decentralized than GDrive?

But I think it’s a clever idea to have such repository.

@scott @weynandkuijpers

Do you think we can have a repository for Threefold arts and design images?

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Yes! We will have owncloud ( is a freemium pilot project soon, we should get one of those and use that to carry / share this information.


Amazing. Threefold will grow beautifully this year. Thanks!


Perfect guys!
Let us know when will that happens!

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This thread can keep us up to date:

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