Threefold Nutrition Facts

Hey hey.

So Daniel on the Telegram chat wants to do something similar to this but for Threefold:

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 3.20.53 PM

He’d love the community to come up with what could be written on the card. He’d then do the editing.
This could be a great way to spread the word about Threefold.

Thanks for the initiative Daniel.

Got ideas? Share it!


Daniel, like you I am not technical and find the Telegram Channels repetitively focused on TFTs. There is a need for a conversation on explaining in simple terms what the Threefold grid offers. Your simple fact sheet is a start. Then we need to build use cases.

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Wise words here @monkfish !

There is a need for a conversation on explaining in simple terms what the Threefold grid offers.

Indeed, we are focusing mostly on getting farming up to speed for everyone these days. But as you said, use cases is equally important!

Perhaps, we could add a category: Use Cases (or something in that direction)

That would have posts focused solely on the user side of Threefold.
We could have a FAQ there too, but only for grid users, as we already have one for farmers.
We already have great content that could go there (From Zero to Hero, for example). No R&D there, just the ready-to-use stuff.

@gosam @scott @kristof @weynandkuijpers @hannahcordes

What do you guys think?

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I thikn - let’s go. We have been using comparison charts (not exactly the same) for quite a while, should have enough information to make a similar comparison.

Movavi ScreenShot 003 - ThreeFold Overview Presentation (Intro Short) - Google Slides_ - Movavi ScreenShot 005 - THREEFOLD - Funding Presentation - Q3 2021_DONT USE - Google Slides_ -

Happy editing!


Thanks @weynandkuijpers, I think that will be exactly what he’s been looking for. There’s enough to make some great content.

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Hello people
That’s great
Now I need the logos, brand colours, the graphic manual of this project
In this way we make it super cool!


If would be good if an art package could be distributed to make people creating material easier. There’s probably a share file that can be shared somewhere.


Yes! I agree. Excellent idea.

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Hi Nelson! I got the server today btw, looking forward to make it run…!

Any idea who in the organisation may have it?

I am not sure, perhaps someone in the communication team?

@hannahcordes would you know how to get

an art package [that] could be distributed to make people creating material easier

Hi brother, there is already a category on the forum called ThreeFold Grid Utilization. I would recommend we focus on building out that section. Does it answer what you’re talking about?

Hi all, I love this initiative and happy to support.

For the Nutrition Facts graphic, I think we can take elements of what @weynandkuijpers shared, and as far as graphically, I think we’d just need a black or white ThreeFold logo in order to keep it in that same style. Unless we’re looking to create something entirely different?

As far as an art or branding kit to share with the community, we are making some shifts for the better when it comes to design. We should have something by the end of next week. cc: @Azores.crypto @FLnelson @Mik.

@Azores.crypto Will ping you on Telegram as well …


Hey, brother! Hope you’re doing well.

I did see it before proposing this. My thought was to have a section with only ready to go instructions for the user side of the Grid, without any R&D, or community questions, so users do not get sidetracked when they look for Threefold Grid uses.

But it might not be necessary. We could work in this section, and perhaps add a sub-section, and move the official, 100% ready to use guide on the official Threefold documentation (which there are already amazing and ready to use guides in the section Threefold Grid Utilisation.)

Why I proposed this: I read on the Telegram channel that some users (not farmers) thought the Forum was very much focused on the Farming side of the Grid and they wanted to have more User/Utilization content in there. They got “lost” in the Forum when looking for Grid uses.

We could simply add a subsection: Threefold Grid Utilization Guides, and we could lead people there when they seek what can be done on the Grid, as users. We could simply compile there the already existing user guides, and add more as we go.

Let me know what you, and others!, think about this.

Have a good day. Let’s New Internet.


I agree, I think this would be sufficient for now. Glad to know things are coming for the design side of Threefold. It’s already great as is, can’t wait to see where it’s going!

Where could we find such black or white logo? I’ll then share it to Daniel on the Telegram Channel.


Just to go on with my previous idea:

We could have a new section:

Threefold Use Cases

Then in there you have one FAQ for the users (instead of the FAQ for farmers) and also another post that would be a short synthesis of all that can be done on the Threefold Grid.

Then we’d have subsections like: CapRover, Wordpress, etc.

I hope I’m being clear @gosam . I don’t want to push this. I’m just thinking: How can somebody, who wants to deploy on the Grid but knows nothing about it, use the Grid efficiently with the minimum knowledge needed, all this without getting lost in the posts relating to developing the Grid, instead of using it.


Exactly what we need to make it human, and more investor friendly!

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Hello guys, two things
The logo PSD please
Black and white could do, until the new branding comes alive
TFT nutrition facts
What would be the tag line?
Imagine my situation. People come to the roastery. Crypto staff around
Payment section, it’s where everyone will see this

Many, if not all, have not clue about newer cryptos.
What will we writte in that tag, si they can interested and listen to me taking?

Threefold Nutrition Facts - The People’s Internet

TFT, utility token, real world applications.

TFT, the resource of the Internet

Threefold: compute, storage, network and more!

Just some tag line ideas!

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Thanks. I will spin my thoughts around.

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