ThreeFold node is not registered [RESOLVED]

Hi everyone,

trying to setup a node on Intel NUC but getting a message right after the node is started:

Trined already different BIOs setups, disabled Secure boot but still no luck.

Can anyone assist with this?

Hey @bgulyaev! Thanks for reporting the issue. In order to avoid registration-related problems, I recommend wiping the disks properly as in the following guide. Thank you.


i can recommend my wipe tool :wink: and it needs to be tested :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks, guys; it helped to wipe up the disks as per posted instructions. Now the farm is up and running.

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Hey @bgulyaev! Glad we could help. All the best farming.

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@yadalamahendra, one more quick question - I did wipe for both HDD and nvme disks however seems from the resource perspective, only nvme was activated:

HDD disk is a bit low capacity and only 500GB. What might be the reason that it is not showing?

Also, one more question - could it be that both HDD SATA and nvme M.2 disk capacities were summed up and showing under SRU?

Excellent @bgulyaev !

I will add this in the troubleshoot Q&A section of the FAQ.
Thanks @yadalamahendra and @flowmotion


Hey @bgulyaev! I’ll check with the technical team and get back to you on this. Thanks for reporting the issue.

Hey @bgulyaev! In order to investigate further. Could you please share the info about the disk sizes installed in your Node?

Hi @yadalamahendra, currently, I’ve got two drives installed:

  • HDD SATA 500GB
  • NVME M.2 2GT

I just assumed that while nvme equal ~ to 1,9TB + SSD ~ 400GB = 2.3TB that is shown on the below screen.

Please note that I have changed the farmer ID which is currently = 362

Hey @bgulyaev! Thanks for sharing the info. As informed by the tech team, please reboot the Node and let us know how it goes.

Hi @yadalamahendra, reboot the node but observe the same situation. Any other advice?

Hey @bgulyaev! Appreciate your efforts. Checking with the dev team. I will keep you posted. Thank you.

Hi @yadalamahendra, just FYI - created another node based on Intel nude + having a similar setup of HDD 500GB SATA/NVME 2TB M.2 and this node shows absolutely the same screen.

this is super interesting can you tell me a little about the hdd installed, is it by chance a combo unit with a built in write cache?

zos classifies between hdd and ssd based on a seek time benchmark, ive seen lots of ssds get classified as hdd but you are the first ive seen of a hdd getting classed as ssd.

on a side note: your node is up and running so your earning now! congrats and welcome to the grid, im sure the devs will look further into the drive classification but you shouldnt have anything else for you to do except maybe some requested restarts.

Hi @ParkerS, thanks for the note.
Not sure about a combo unit, but I’ve got rather ‘standard’ SSDs:

its actually your HDD that is detecting incorrectly, all of your resources are currently detecting as ssd any hdd would show under HRU. What model is the hdd?

Hi @ParkerS, sorry I didn’t fully understand your comment, but do you mean that my SATA SSD is correctly recognized? Because I don’t have any other storage devices connected to the node. Right now, each of my nodes has one NVME M.2 and one SATA SSD of a similar model as I have outlined above. Does it represent a correct situation in such a case?

Then everything is represented properly!

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