Threefold Meets Ghent - Community Event

The ThreeFold IEO is getting closer so we would like to take this time to get together and talk about the future and discuss how we all can help to achieve this goal of a decentralized, neutral and green internet.

For those of you who live closeby, we hereby invite you to the ThreeFold community gathering in Ghent on the 27th of January from 6.30PM CET.

Feel free to invite everyone who is interested in learning more about ThreeFold, and do not forget to RSVP using this link since there is a limited amount of attendees. Please also make sure that all guests RSVP separately.

Hope to see you then!

The ThreeFold Team


is this also posted on our FreeFlowPages?

Yes, please find it here .

There are 2 links circulating => 6:30PM => 5:00PM
Could you make sure the second one is changed or is redirected to the first one.
Some people might still check the wrong one.