Threefold Manual: Inputs from Users

Threefold Documentation: Inputs from Users

Current Situation

With the new Threefold Manual, we can easily add and update content.

While it is possible to write an issue on the TF Manual repository, it might be easier for some users to simply share their thoughts here on this forum post. We can also take inputs from the Threefold Telegram channels and transfer the information to this post and/or the TF Manual issues section.

The Goal of this Post

We invite users of the Threefold Grid to let us know their needs and ideas concerning documentation.

We will then be able to create and update the content and publish it on the

Documentation Features

Many users have talked about the need of having versioned documentation, so users can know on which version of the TF Grid the documentation they are reading is based on. In this regard, we will try and indicate in the documentation the functioning versions.

Please let us know if you would like to see additional features for the Threefold documentation.

List of Documentation Demands from the TF Community

This section will be update as we gather inputs from the TF Community.

We will then transfer the demands here on the Threefold Manual Github repository.

Feedback and Questions

Let us know if you have any questions.

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