ThreeFold is the substrate for #DeCloud


There are a lot of great projects out there in the Decentralized Cloud space. And I/we commend them for their work and their efforts. In the end, we all have similar visions and aims, one of them being to bring secure, performant, data-sovereign cloud solutions to the world – and to the people. And we at ThreeFold believe in collaboration, not competition.

It’s not even about us or them – it’s about decentralization. It’s about people having alternatives that empower them, from which they can choose, rather than being stuck with mega-corporations that are more concerned with profit and have turned us into products.

All that said, while other projects have much higher market caps (due to a variety of reasons), we do believe that we are the most advanced technology in this space and we offer the most robust solution out there. A few key points:

  • ThreeFold provides the low-level primitives for a decentralized world – actually all of the other projects out there in this space can run on top of ThreeFold – we’re the only ones who went so low-level and that is probably the biggest differentiator of them all – Typically we’ve been saying that ThreeFold is the only comprehensive #DeCloud out there but maybe it’s time we start saying that we are actually the substrate for Decentralized Cloud. Well, maybe we’re both. :wink:
  • Some of the ThreeFold team has worked on Internet storage and cloud technology since the ‘90s, and has earned world records for creating the world’s most advanced infrastructures
  • ThreeFold is not taking spare space in existing data centers, with the help of independent farmers from around the world we have built out a true peer-to-peer grid that is blockchain-enabled and brings unlimited scale
  • ThreeFold offers storage, compute, and network all in one place – whereas most other DeCloud solutions only offer one or maybe two out of the three
  • We developed our own operating system (Zero OS) from scratch from a Linux kernel – it is stateless, lightweight, and sets new standards in security and efficiency. It runs automatically once booted, and requires no maintenance or admin. Given it has no shell, remote or server interface, it is much safer than the vast majority of other OSs on the market.
  • Our cloud is highly compatible which means no (or low) learning curve. Industry-standard tools and protocols (Docker, S3, Kubernetes, IPFS, etc) have been integrated, allowing any digital workload to migrate seamlessly.
  • ThreeFold is a low-level grid of capacity, meaning many of these other DeCloud solutions could even run on top of the ThreeFold Grid (again, collaboration, not competition)
  • We have plans and a strategy to actually make the ThreeFold Grid carbon-removing, which we aim to implement in 2022

We’ll soon be releasing some project comparisons to prove the robustness of our stack and how ThreeFold is the ideal infrastructure for decentralized cloud projects. It’s important for people to be able to understand who we are and how we are unique.

What do you think about this positioning? We like it – because, well, it’s true – but we’re curious to hear from you.

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Hi @gosam,
The new project CERE is coming soon. , it also aims to decentralize the cloud universe. Could you please compare with Threefold?

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Will look into them! Thanks for letting me know.

The words might be more concrete now, but I thought that TF had chosen this position already almost a year ago…

Indeed @aernoud but back then we couldn’t call it a substrate yet. It’s a big claim and now that we have all the integrated VM, kubernetes, qsfs, p2p network and can host mot protocols and tools with grid 3, we believe that now we can assume it :slight_smile:

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