ThreeFold Hidden BTC Fee 🦝

I don’t know if Ik the only bone going though this problem not not , but like many of you when you first start the threefold project it ask you to pay for the short term bot to to generate the Zero OS. Some of us opted to us the in app BTC wallet to send to the wallet to make exchange into TFT. We all quickly saw that thier was a problem because the sent BTC did not appear in thier wallets. After some troubleshooting on threefold end, the problem was said to be resolved and payment sent . Here is where my problem is I sent 2 transaction of $15 after transfer fees and only received $1 of BTC back after thier fix . They are saying on top of the transfer fee you you paid from you other wallet thier is another fee associated to receive it into your TFT wallet which I have never heard of. Also to make things worst I would still need to try to exchange the BTC into TFT which would not even be enough for a bot. Has anyone else ran into this problem?


There are 3rd party fees for the BTC deposits into TF Connect App. These are disclosed in the terms and conditions, but I do support making them more visible during use.