ThreeFold Grid v3.8: Release Notes

As of the 1st of February, the TFGrid v3.8 is live on testnet.

ThreeFold Grid v3.8 Release Note (Candidate until officially released)

TFGrid 3.8 components

  • tfchain 2.2.0
  • zos 3.4
  • weblets 1.6.0
  • dashboard 1.3.0
  • gridclient 1.5.0
  • gridproxy 1.6.5
  • terraform 1.6.0

This release will be for bugfixes and monitoring improvement and more solutions on the threefold grid.

tfchain 2.2.0

  • 3rd party billing services, allowing defining contracts between tfchain users for a service and the billing
  • billing flow been reworked
  • Infrastructure wise, we integrated firesquid which is showing promising improvements in regards of the storage and data syncing
    Also, there were bugfixes around data validations and improving migrations and more you can follow in the milestone

for more information, please check 2.2.0 milestone

zos 3.4

This realease was mainly focused on stabilization of zos, monitoring support, upgrading components and fixing bugs

  • vector and node-exporter support for monitoring
  • bugfixes/hardening around uptime reports, capacity reports and qsfs workloads cleanup
  • fixes graceperiod regression
  • fixes for zos nodes recovery after network outages
  • uptime reports now happen every 40 minutes instead of evey 2 hours
  • graceperiod workload regression fixes

3.4 milestone for more details

Weblets 1.6.0

  • Algorand solution support
  • Supporting a simpler profile manager
  • Mastodon support
  • Discourse upgrade
  • Various bugfixes and UI improvements

for more details, see 1.6.0 milestone

Dashboard 1.3.0

  • fixes borken filters by farm Id
  • fixes HRU filter
  • recipient TFT address validation
  • updates to sidebar icons
  • fixes adding new farm in the dashboard redirects you to the home page
  • node filters validations fix
  • filter nodes by farm name support
  • including monitoring dashboard

for more details, see 1.3.0 milestone

Grid client 1.5.0

  • zlogs workload support
  • documentation updates

1.5.0 milestone

Terraform 1.6.0

  • capacity planning upgrade
  • kubernetes token validation

1.6.0 milestone

For detailed list of the 3.8

Tfgrid proxy 1.6.5

  • Fixes dedicated nodes reservation
  • TCP connection leaks fixes
  • Swagger docs fixes
  • Updates to stats endpoint
  • Adding new queries for total resources
  • Adding more parameters to /nodes enpoint for filter by twin_id and node_id

1.6.5 milestone


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