Threefold Explorer

I see some strange behavior on the explorer website. Is this webpage going to be used going forward?
The functioning of the sliders is counter-intuitive.
It lets you select all nodes that have LESS than what you need. I have in my farm 2 servers with 182 Gb of RAM and 2 servers with 252 GB of RAM.
If I want a server with 32GB of RAM, nothing shows up, if I select 392 GB of RAM, all 4 servers show up?
HRU slider does not reach high enough and is completely erratic…

Hi Erwin. Thanks for the report.

The slider work indeed to find nodes that have the amount or resource that are in the range of the max and min sliders.
It’s done like this cause usually you are looking for server that have at least the amount or resource you need.

I tried with your farm and seems to work ok with me:

But anyhow if you have any issue to report and feature request to propose, please open an issue at and the team will go over it.

Stupid of me, I didn’t realize the minimum sliders can be moved as well…
But in any case, all my servers have 40 cores, so if I look for a server between 0 and 30 cores, it should show all servers, but it shows nothing…
It looks like if you set the max number of something you search for under the existing amount, it just doesn’t show…

yep you are right. This max value doesn’t behave properly