Threefold Content: Everywhere, for Everyone

Threefold Content: Everywhere, for Everyone

The goal of this thread is to elaborate and update the way Threefold share and create informational content.

Ultimately, we could have every guides presented in different ways, in order to reach as many different audiences as possible. For example, many people prefer videos over written documentation. Some people would rather have open discussions of a subject and thus prefer podcasts over audiobooks.

There is also mainly two ways to share information, in general, and specifically:

  1. General and accessible information
    1. Examples:
      1. General twitter posts
      2. TF News/announcements
  2. Specific information
    1. Examples:
      1. Documentation
      2. DIY guides

It would also be efficient to have a place to document all the available content and make sure it is available in all the media platforms and also all the types of media.

This project can clearly be aligned with the thread Project Management by @FLnelson.

Proposition: Interactive Spreadsheet

We could have a public spreadsheet where we could keep track of all the different informations. The spreadsheet could be organized in a multi-dimensional fashion (see below: media platforms, types of media, etc.). The spreadsheet acts as a general way to organize the information, but many other ways are possible.

In short, the goal is to develop a structure to ease collaboration and content creation among the TF Community, as well as providing clear documentation on the documentation itself: what information is out there on Threefold? Where is it available? How does the audience react? Are we reaching all the audience possible? Can a complete beginner come onboard and build the New Internet?

Concrete example

For example, say @hannahcordes writes a new blog article. Then she can put the article in the appropriate section of the spreadsheet.
Then someone could come up there, see the blog and then publish it on Threefold’s reddit, once it’s done the person would add that information to the spreadsheet. This could go on and on, and finally the post would be shared on different platforms.

Here’s another example. Someone makes a TF video on how to build a DIY 3node. He publishes it on youtube and add it to the spreadsheet. Then, another TFolder sees this and adds a video link to the Threefold subreddit.
Then another person takes this video and make a picture guide out of it and publish it on the TF Forum. This goes on and on.
Then finally the DIY 3node guide is available on different platforms and in different media type. And the TF community know where the content has been posted and can track and get feedback from the audience.

Another example, someone publishes a TF meme, we could upload it to Twitter, to Pinterest and to Instagram.
A knowledge-based meme (informational poster) could be very powerful when shared this way.

The final (or most up-to-date) version of that spreadsheet would be the summation of all Threefold’s available and up-to-date content. Indeed, when information is outdated, it could be stated and we could open queries for the TF community to update the content.

Documentation to Help the TF Community Members

We could have an easier to digest presentation of such information instead of the spreadsheet for everyday users, share it on the TF Forum or on the TF website. This would be the frontend version of the project, while the spreadsheet would be used for the TF community, as the backend version of the project.

Basically, it’s like a Threefold Video Gallery, but for every Threefold content. It would be akin to the mind map of Threefold. Once we have the spreadsheet, we can publish the information in diverse ways, graphically as a literal mind map would be an option for example.

Note that with the spreadsheet’s macros, we could then reorganize at will the information gathered. For example, it could be queried over the TF Grid, via the NLP bot, and users ask (for example):

How can I deploy a Presearch node on TF Grid?

Then the NLP bot would give the basic FAQ answer and categorized links to the available documentation, e.g. picture guide, DIY videos.

Of course, a more complex version of this project would be building a library of Threefold in object-oriented programming.

Threefold’s Categories of Information

The following is the different dimensions/categories to take into perspective and can/should be expanded. Ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Media Platforms

  1. Telegram
  2. Threefold website
  3. Substack
  4. Threefold blog
  5. Reddit
  6. Facebook
  7. Twitter
  8. Medium
  9. Discord
  10. Pinterest
  11. Instagram
  12. Youtube

Types of Media

  1. Audio
    1. podcast
      1. Threefold Podcast
    2. audio version of e-book, written documentation
      1. possible project to turn into audio:
        1. e.g Litepaper
        2. e.g Liquidity pool paper
    3. audio version of substack/TF blog articles
  2. Visual
    1. meme/poster
      1. knowledge-base: for educational purpose
      2. entertainment-base: to generate interest and attract different audiences
    2. Diapositive Presentation (powerpoint style)
      1. e.g. Deep Dive presentations turned into stand-alone readable diapo
        1. content-rich, aesthetically-driven presentations
    3. Picture Guide
      1. e.g DIY 3node picture guide
        1. rack server
        2. tower server
        3. mini-pc
        4. etc.
  3. Audio-visual
    • videos
      • short: à la Tiktok DIY
        • videos under 1 minute
          • short and efficient
            • useful for short attention span public
              • e.g boot Zero-OS in 1 minute video!
      1. long: à la Youtube DIY
        1. e.g. Nelson’s videos (Threefold Video Gallery)
  4. Written
    1. FAQ
      • quickest and simplest way to get the raw information
    2. Written guide (long form)
      • build up the basic information
        • Farming Guide
    3. Article (short form)
      • Substack/Medium/Threefold blog
        • article on a TF news, on new DIY guide, on general information, etc.
    4. Reddit post
    5. Twitter/Telegram/Discord news announcement

Type of Threefold Users

  1. Grid User
  2. Grid Developer
  3. Farmer
  4. Validator

Specific Content

The specific content can be literally anything Threefold-related.

  1. Farming Guide
  2. DIY 3nodes
  3. Deploy a blockchain node
    1. Presearch node
  4. etc.

A particular content can then be shared and expanded on different platforms and in different formats (audio, visual, audio-visual, written, etc.).

EDIT: The sum of all specific contents, in all available formats, could constitute the total Threefold documentation, from basic to advanced farming, to using and developing on the TF Grid, etc.

For the TF Community and for the general public

On the frontend, the audience would see this as a very detailed post such as this one from @gosam :, which is really amazing and contains a lot of information and resources. Much in line with this, the proposed project would be constantly updated and, being open to audiences’ feedbacks, TF could grow even more organically.

On the backend, this project would really help the TF community to be efficient in organizing projects and it would also ease contributions between members.

What do you guys think?

Do you have other idea of media platforms?
Other idea of type of media?
Any suggestion to expand the concept of the project?

Clearly a LONG post.

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Most excellent. I’ll add this as one of the projects in the project manager.

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this is awesome, there is so much happening how do we track all of this?

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Here’s a nice post from @shiva that I thought would fit in here:

Has the 3fold team considered posting in decentralized social media platforms like

Good number of devs interested in web3 are there in these platforms.

Deso can sync posts from twitter.

If 3fold has YouTube account, lbry can sync from there.

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