Threefold bounty compagne :)

Hello community and Threefold team,

I am writing to you today to propose a marketing campaign that could be very beneficial for our project. My idea is to set up a campaign that targets individuals and allows them to earn TFT token by completing daily tasks related to Threefold, such as subscribing to threefold Twitter and YouTube accounts, liking and sharing threefold videos, creating content, etc.

I believe this campaign could be very effective in attracting new users and in retaining our existing community. By offering rewards in TFT token for simple actions, you will encourage individuals to engage more with the project and promote.

I am convinced that this campaign could be very beneficial and I hope you will be interested in this idea. If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to add a comment.

For information, streamr project are doing the same thing now with Bounty compagne.

Sincerely, Newin

Hey Newin, I like this idea and have been thinking about something similar (small bounties for creating/sharing social media content about TF). I’m not familiar with Streamr’s campaign, so that sounds like a great reference point. My main concern is how to ensure the accounts claiming the rewards are authentic (one per person).

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Hi Scott and thanks for you feedback :slight_smile:
very good question, you can add authentification with TFT connect app for example and it will be hard for one person to create several wallets .

Even if he’s doing this, he should also create serverals YouTube , twitter accounts etc…

At the end of the day it will help too as social media algorithm work on number of views and like

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