ThreeFold August 1 2022 Community Call & Town Hall: Announcement + Q&A

Friends, now’s the time for us to get together for another community call. We’d like to focus the first part of the call on some topics we’ve been seeing in conversations, and in particular on the latest with ThreeFold and how our project is built and positioned to grow and thrive during unfavorable market / global conditions.

Call Details

  • Monday, August 1st 2022
  • 5pm CEST / 11am EDT / 8am PDT
  • Call Link
    Meeting ID: 863 9274 2275
    Passcode: august2022

We’d also like to take this as an opportunity for the community to have their questions answered. Please leave a reply here by Wednesday July 27th 11:59pm CEST and we will answer questions via the call and any leftovers here on the forum.

The call will be recorded and shared afterwards for those who cannot make it. :pray:


For me the biggest question is usage, I see a lot of action on the grid development but all about the grid usage is somehow hanging in the air. We are all aware without the demand side all the supply is…well we know :slight_smile:

Question: when can we expect a MVP (minimum viable product) to be on the market for mass adoption? (For example hosting websites with the logo Built on Threefold, I assume that is a minimum that we should be ready by now)

  1. Maybe having like a regular community call regularly. At least once a month if not twice a month.
  2. How will the network grow in the existing market conditions. Not very tempting to connect nodes to the network at this price gap.
  3. When the transition from V2 to V3? Its quite difficult to comprehend the accurate size of the network. Would be nice to have a better explorer.

I Will be there for sure!


We just lost Liquid as it is going to delist TFT. When will the liquidity pool be completed with the p2p Defi wallet that was announced?

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I’m sure this will be something discussed on the call but In the mean time there is a discussion on this happening here,

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I know I’m a bit late, but when there’s a chance; i keep on hamering on the fact that information on this project is too technical and too spread on various locations.
I bet 99% of the internet population that hits the threefold website for the first time, will be dazzled. For instance, the first page shows:
Join the peer-to-peer revolution
Powered by the ThreeFold blockchain the People’s Internet is the layer 0 infrastructure for an open source P2P Internet owned by humanity.

For sure most people i know have no idea what peer to peer is, how the Blockchain works and if that’s a good thing? (Because many will connect this with bitcoins and it’s negative news), what a layer 0 infrastructure is (that includes me!) Etc.

Now, i understand it might be at this technical stage still, but if you want the masses to join, you need sesame Street language :hugs:
Any plans on this? Can i help?


Here here. Bring this to the call.

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This might be something I actually have the skills to contribute on. Turning medical advice into Sesame Street level is like 90% of my job :joy: I’m sure the experience will apply :joy:

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