Threefold as validator platform for Ethereum after Merge

As a newbie to blockchain & mining, could it make sense to leverage a threefold grid as an Ethereum validator? Hardware requirements for a validator ( Four cores with a CPU processor and a minimum clock speed of 2.80 gigahertz are recommended hardware for spinning up a validator on Eth 2.0 using the software client Prysm. The computer should also have 16 GB of RAM and 100 GB of storage capacity. )? Did some check it economical? Can Threefold be a decentralized Validator where farmers provide capacity around the globe?

This is very doable, because the grid operates on a substrate of Bare metal nodes any software that is deployable into a standard device is deployable on the node.

The gap that needs bridged in this scenario is where service providers come in. You as someone with this idea could build an flist that deploys a eth validator on the threefold grid and then charge your clients whatever you feel appropriate to use it.

Yes, its a prime use case. The hard part is marketing that towards the people who want to do that.