ThreeFold April 19 2022 Community Call: Announcement + Q&A

It will be recorded! :pray:t3:

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We should for sure mention this! Will you be on the call? Can you remind in the chat during the call? In the meantime, I’ve shared on the chat, which you saw. Would also recommend getting it shared in the Belgium / Netherlands ThreeFold group. :pray:t3:

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@Mik. This is our intent to get delegated staking implemented. As it explains in the library (L2 and L0) there will be a percentage that flow to the validator owner (the main wallet witch has the required TFT to own and get to earn.

I hope that we will be able to present this at a very early stage as validator functionality, but have not seen confirmation that it will be part of the first release of these validators.


Would ThreeFold be up for setting up a bug bounty program? I have a draft proposal (process, categories and rules) in the making and want to gauge interest in making it a reality.

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hi @igg, thank you for this suggestions. This indeed is something we spend a lot of time thinking about. currently we have a a number of ideas around how to optimize the footprint of the grid.

  • we have now got a few members in the farming community that create / build solar and wind farms. We are planning and working with them to see how we can create 100% green energy powered grid capacity (and turn the devices off if and when not available). Current working hypothesis is that we can keep them on for +95% of the time.
  • engineers have been looking at smart ways to use PDU type devices to turn 3nodes off and on based on the need within a (larger) farms.

You brought forward the frequency scaling ide, which is great. I think we should turn into a feature/research request. on Github. Can you open an issue on the general repo here:

Please let me know is this presents some trouble, always here to help.


Re: website refresh, yes! @Sacha can give some more details here but this is currently in-motion from a branding perspective as well as user flow and updated messaging.

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Thank you @duckpond. From my perspective: I feel the current state of the project is getting us more and more to be true to ourselves and the planet. We see that we are a contribution to the world by creating simplicity in a very complex word which of dominated by oligopolies.

The project is meant to deliver towards 3 p’s, planet, people and yes, profit. But in that order. And we feel that we are getting closer and closer to understand what that means and what we have to do to stay true to that.

Also - on the technical side TF Grid beta is growing and delivering some solid, usable infrastructure services, a good alternative to start piloting as a hyper-cloud alternative.


1. What is the status of actual significant usage of the TF grid (i.e. Owncloud and other larger-scale users)?

We’re working with 3 partner to pilot the first large scale use cases. Owncloud is happening in the coming 4 weeks, we are feature complete in terms of the code needed to run a freemium for owncloud enthusiasts and the marketing teams are working together to create some messaging about the launch

The other two are some pilots with Enterprises on the storage front and integrating the

2. What is the status of the TFT on the Liquid exchange? Will it move to the FTX exchange as Liquid is being acquired by FTX?

As far as I know, we have not heard from them, but I might have that wrong. @nickolay did you hear anything from them?

  1. What happened to the big marketing push, especially with the major New York marketing firm?

We paused the contract with them as we would not find enough traction with the larger news agencies and media to tell our story (yet). As this is not my area of expertise I invite @Sacha to shed some more light on this.

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Hello @sigzag. Thank you for your contribution. Staking and vesting are at this point in time the best ways to contribute. I personally see a stable and ready to rock beta TF Grid which I use for demos to showcase what we have and it does what it says on the tin today. I think will find grid usage cases in the remaining months of 2022.

Further to this - I think the realization the the TFT is a true token, not for speculation only, and with that we will find communities and companies that want to break away from the standard ways to use the internet.

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Hay! @FLnelson Always good to see you online. I have not see any hard deadline for this, but with so many things going on I might be wrong here. Maybe one of my fellow movement members can help me here?

Sounds good - let’s have a look and see what we can do with those :slight_smile:


Hello Weynand,

I just created feature request.
Dynamic change of the microprocessor frequency · Issue #1224 · threefoldtech/home (

I have another idea about optimizing the grid impact but still need to clarify it for myself.


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