The ThreeFoldCloud Project

The Threefold Cloud Project

       It has been an incredibly exciting year here at Threefold, We have major strides in technology and I truly believed we are poised to be see major forward momentum in 2023. Even just over the past few months, We have seen many of what were longed voiced frustrations being improved. This has not only been an effort by the development team but as was mentioned in the call yesterday, by a very powerful community coming together to start testing and findings. Over the past year we have seen deploying on the grid go from something that truly was quite difficult, to something that is now able to be done by anyone with only the skils typically held by an everyday user. I think the most important thing we can focus on right now is capturing this positive momemtum by embracing the decentralized growth that we have seen over the past year.

       It is an inalienable fact of new technology that there is going to be confusion, there is going to be failures, there is no technology that exsist or will ever exsist that can change the world on its own, someone, a human has to be there to create that technology, and to teach the world how to use it. If you are member of this project today, you are one of those people whether you realize it or not, even by just hosting a node, you are contributing your part to creating a world changing set of technologies. Threefold is not only creating a technology, we are creating a community of people that want the world to have a better, safer and more soveirgn digital future.

       Over the past weeks I have been working on numerous projects, my mastodon server, attempting to build tutorials for setting up a web hosting company on the grid, and in doing these things I often find myself coming back to the Threefold chat to ask questions about web hosting, or networks, and usually, I get a pretty solid answer from someone in the community. Often times in these exchanges more happens then just me getting help though as the person helping me at times will also realize that something they do everyday in their life, can be hosted on the grid. We often fall back on the phrase “If you can do it in linux, you can do it on the grid”. but are we truly doing the capabilities of the grid justice by leaving it at that, because truly you can do more then just what you can do in linux on the grid.

       This got me thinking about to what I said in another post, about an idea exchange, How do we harness the collective knowledge of our community to drive accelerated development of solutions on the grid. What has been created in the Mastodon Weblet is truly amazing, a deployment solution that is going to work on every OS, doesnt require SSH, full access to server management by GUI. This weblet provides everything I demoed in the orginal Mastodon only it tooks hours of setup for my demo, and we were able to use the weblet live during a call. Now, how do we make that possible for all applications.

       I would like to propose what I have coined “The Threefold Cloud Projecct” much of what this entails already exsists. Its possible for anyone contribute changes to the code of zos, the dashboard, the chain, but how do we make it so that someone can contribute their skills, without having to commit to a fully featured solution all their own. What im proposing is a community led and managed space for collaboration on both building solutions on top of the grid, and solving the grids problems.

How do we do it

       I Think the first step is creating a team of people willing to spend those first few hours putting together the blue prints of what the grid can be today. I propose this teams first focus be on providing demonstation and documentation on how the grid is used, what it is capable of, and pioneering the path that will ultimately lead to further leaps in development like the mastodon applet. I would like to propose two “starting points” as the overall direction of this initiative

  • Building, Deploying and Documenting solutions for running block chain nodes on the grid

  • Building, Deploying and Documenting a solution for providing traditional web hosting services on the Grid

       In order to do this effectively I Have setup a collaboration space specifically for this purpose, As of right now, Anyone that wants to contribute to the development of the software layers nessecary to make the grid perform the millions of tasks possible, Can join The Threefold Cloud Project, This is space that will allow anyone to contribute their own skills to the larger goal of creating ways for the grid to be used by everyone.

In this space you will find Channels and Boards

  • Channels- are the areas for discussion of the overall projects and collaboration, as of right now there are channels for

    • Traditional Hosting

      • Web Hosting Solutions

      • Server Management Solutions

      • Game Server Hosting Solutions

    • Block Chain Projects

      • Full Nodes
    • Threefold Discussion

      • Town Square

      • New Channel Requests

      • Off-Topic

  • Boards- Are the areas where we will track individual solutions from the idea phase to the published solution. Within in each board you can add your idea for a solution to a card, these cards will provide both users and contributors to track what solutions are needed and then be able to contribute their knowledge where it is needed. but quickly refrence what has been done and may be available within the community already.

What I Need From You

       The Crux of this project is empowering our community to share their ideas and complete development of solutions in a decentralized way, without everyone heres input this will have no benefit, Anyone that can contribute whether your a web designer, a writer, you want to make logos, or help contribute to wiki posts, can join and find some direction on how they can contribute to this project, and the overall goal of strengthening the grid for everyone. This is an open invitation to every farmer, deployer and the development team to come together and collectively solve problems and build.

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How to Use The Threefold Cloud Project

Navigate to the link above, Once you have created your account you can either create your own team, or join the team I have Started we should probably stick to one team until things expand though.

You will then join the channels relevant to you, by clicking the “+” in the top left corner and selecting browse channels.

Once you have joined a channel you will find a pinned post linking to that channels board,

One these board is where you will find the cards for individual solutions that are either proposed ideas, or things being worked on by contributors

Each of these cards contains the disussion specifically related to that solution aswell as the ability for the poster to offer a reward for solution being developed for their idea.

once have joined all of the channels that you want to particpate you are able to go back to the “+” used above and creat categories for your channels aswell.

I will be adding much of the “work to be done” cards over the coming days and beginning to fill in the blank pages here, but if you have an idea i encourage you to bring it up in the relevant channel, or request a new channel, so we can get everyones ideas out there and start connecting the dots on making this everyones grid.

This is a work in progress and i welcome any feedback, there is a welcome bot that will be implemented shortly that will alleviate having to add the basic channels manually.


@scott, lets port over our abandoned “grid gang” board

You should be able to make channels and boards freely right now, Let me know if you have any trouble

This looks very promising.
Communication is key when working as a team.

Would it be possible to connect via Threefold Connect?

I believe that could be added because I think the applet fit mattermost includes it, but I’m not sure how to do so in a non applet deployment, and again, I want to be able to use my own domains for it.

We really need a way to use the applets with a public IP so I can use my own domains this used to be an option I’m not sure why it’s not anymore