The Threefold Dashboard - Dive in the New Internet

The Threefold Dashboard - Dive in the New Internet

The Threefold Dashboard is the go-to place to explore the Threefold Grid.

On the Dashboard you will find:

  • Portal
    • Twin
    • Swap
      • Swap TFT from the TF Chain to the Stellar Chain and vice versa.
    • Transfer
      • Transfer TFT on the TF Chain
    • Farms
      • Create a farm in one click!
      • Consult your farm and 3nodes data
      • Set your farming payout address (on Stellar Chain)
      • Download the bootstrap image
      • Set Public IPs
        • for farms with blocks of IP addresses
      • Download your 3nodes’ statistics and receipts
    • Dedicated Nodes
      • See all rentable dedicated nodes
      • See all rented dedicated nodes
      • See your dedicated nodes
    • DAO
      • Decentralized Autonomous Organization
      • Place to vote, take decision for the New Internet
  • Explorer
    • Statistics
    • Nodes
    • Farms
  • Calculator
    • Resource Pricing
      • See the costs of using the Threefold Grid
        • Get up to 60% in cloud discout by staking TFT (never locked)
    • Simulator
      • Simulator Threefold farming rewards based on 3node specifications
  • Bootstrap
    • Download the Zero-OS bootstrap image in one click
  • Hub
    • Find FLists of apps and deployments
    • Convert any docker to a FList
  • Playground
    • Deploy any Linux load on the Threefold Grid!
    • Deploy weblets in one click
    • Deploy full virtual machines
    • Deploy apps on a dedicated node
  • Get TFT
    • When registered, there is a one-click GET TFT button
      • buy TFT from fiat or bitcoin

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The Threefold Dashboard and the Threefold Connect App (Android, iOS) are all you need to explore the Threefold Grid!

Do you think something is missing on the Dashboard?
Let us know!


Yep. I think you should be able to filter and sort dedicated nodes by country and IPv4 availability or any other important feature. It’s cumberstone to find a node with IPv4 in a given country, with a specific core count, or any other feature.


I wrote your ideas in a github issue.
If you have other ideas, let us know. I’ll keep the github up to date.

Thanks @nooba!!

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Suggestion for the Dashboard: Clear Link to TF Connect App

On the Dashboard, we could add a link leading to the Threefold Connect App, since it is the only component missing to link the dashboard TF chain with stellar chain.

It is already there, but you need to go on GET TFT, and then click again on GET TFT, then you are lead to this page, which has two links, for the Android TF Connect and the iOS. So in short, it’s not obvious enough.

It could perhaps be available in Portal --> Swap, as a button with the info: use the Threefold Connect app to create a Threefold wallet on stellar chain.

And also it could be close to the Stellar Payout Address line, in Portal --> Farms --> Your Farm.
With a message saying: you can use TF Connect to get a stellar payout address and a TF wallet on stellar chain.

OR there could be an icon TF Connect on its own on the left menu (under the icon/button Playground).

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100% – this link to the TF Connect app needs to happen. Important UI/UX improvement.

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You can it’s in the explorer, go to nodes then You can add sort by variables of “full country name” and ipv4 availability

You just have to click the drop down and add the fields to your selection.

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Thanks for the clarification Parker. You’re right you can choose “Country by Name”, then write the name of the country.

It would be great to have (1) options of country names in a dropdown menu. It would be easier to select.
For example, what is the correct name to write for USA? US? USA? United States? Those don’t work. (And the search option does not take spaces.)

Also, perhaps, (2) when we add a filter, the new filter column could then appear in the table.
So if you click Country by Name, you see the names of the country on each node’s row.
Same would happen for IPv4, IPv6 filters.

Can you tell me where you go to choose IPv4 availability?
All I see around IP is the filter Free Public IP.

Thanks @ParkerS once again!

I edited the request on Github after your reply.

The public ip available is ipv4, you set the variable to one and it will show all farms with at least one available. I recommend sticking to farms that have more then 5 ips anything less than that is almost guranteed to be a bad configuration

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Yes. I’ve already proposed in the past for more info boxes and side notations on the dashboard/playground. I can see progress in little things like HRU showing up HDD, as an example but I still think that it needs a deeper revision. Past billing of a VM is also an example of absolutely no data available of the total cost of deployment. In real world deployments it’s really important to “check” the real costs of a workload, IMO.

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Just to clarify some discussion going on, I am talking about dedicated nodes.

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Great Feedback here, the dedicated nodes tab doesn’t really address the public Ip situation at all. While public addresses wouldn’t be something included in a dedicated nodes rental, I do think important to notate which nodes are capable of having public ips added to the deployment.


This would solve the dedicated nodes for me.


@Mik can you add this suggested image to your github issue?

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Good idea @ParkerS
It’s done.

To see the issue, it’s here.

Hello! I’m following the instructions for Umbrel. I have been able to get past LOBSTR, but now I have a question about creating a twin. This may sound stupid. Is there a process that I’m missing in the dashboard that will create the twin using what I’m seeing in Threefold Connect? I’m confused about the process when I go to create it in the dashboard e.i. Portal then Twin select Create. When it creates the twin shouldn’t the IP be the IP for my farm and shouldn’t the Twin ID be the ID I have in Connect not the what I see in Connect. After creating I’m getting IP of 1 and a different Twin ID.


It’s normal for this to be a different twin then one you are using for farming.

The ::1 ip will also be fine.

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