The "Public IP" question

SO! this is extremely interesting. I have been fighting with my network all day with some dhcp issues. and i just realized that its because when i added the public config, zos is creating a virtual interface with that information as a static address, so while i was trying to manually assign the ips at the router the os was actually handling it aswell which created a very interesting dhcp issue since the physical interface was in fact correct but there was a third virtual in the mix.

although this is creating a bit of a cluster with my att modem as long as i can make sure not to manually configure a conflict since these addresses wont be in my table it should be all cherry.

According to subnet rules you should have this:

Network Address Usable Host Range Broadcast Address: -

which makes the addresses ending between 185 and 190 (6 addresses) usable.

I see 185 and 186 being machines (right?) so you have 187,188,189 and 190 available. Correct?

wow that was serious math in public on my part on the 5 addresses.

I don’t expose any user machines directly 189 subnet is managed by an ASUS router and supports my users devices plus a helium miner through port forwarding. 185 and 186 are the two nodes that are currently online. 187 is a inbound/outbound yggdrasil node. 190 is my default gateway address so right now 188 is the only open address

87-yggdrasil node
90-gateway address.