TFT: What do you think should be the listing path for the TFT?

There are projects with high market value in the dex stock market, for example, koinos is only in uniswap, but it has increased its value 100 times since December 2020, so it would be useful to be listed on known dexes such as uniswap.

TFT does not have an ERC20 token, so that would be impossible. Should be considered once eth 2.0 rolls out.

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Just adding one element: coinmarketcap has now added the ‘self-reported circulating supply’ to its listing. They haven’t copied that info yet into the official figures yet, where they keep the fix number of about 81mio tokens. Which is a figure that is not correct at all, but they state that a revision will happen under condition that TFT is listed on 3 CMC supported exchanges, with a reasonable liquidity.

The calculation made resulting in a supply of about 292mio does not include vested tokens (which in reality are candidate to me to be added as well btw) nor tokens that are held on wallets with keys owned by Threefold.


Maybe a good reason to at least find one more CEX or DEX ?


Getting a ranking on CMC is kinda big news. #1111 That will attract some attention, especially when we get below 1000.


Another exchange would be great. A DEX like Uniswap on the Ethereum network would be great. But then that means we will need another bridge to the ETH network. It seems like projects on Ethereum get more recognition from people. For a CEX, something like Binance or Coinbase will be a good call as they are two of the largest exchange out there.

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Ideally TFT would be available on both CEX and DEX alike.
As TFT should be accessible to as many people as possible I think the only way forward is to make it as abundant as possible.
That said I can just agree with former statements, that not listing on DEX would only hurt the project to propagate decentralization but at the same time we are not there yet and CEX is a necessity. or coinex
i love gate except for its withdrawal fees.
i heard really good things for coinex including no kyc. Which i like.

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