TFT Tokenomics & Regional Internet Community Call: Recording

Below please find the recording of yesterday’s community call focusing on Tokenomics + the Regional Internet model, specifically how ThreeFold is creating a sustainable and balanced economic system.

Thanks to @Sacha and @kristof for taking us through quite a lot of information. We’ve separated the video into chapters (if you head to YouTube, and click into the description, you’ll see all the different parts) to make it a bit more digestible, and we’ll be creating more resources on all that was discussed on the call in the coming weeks to make it more clear. In the meantime, if there are any questions, please ask below in the replies to this post.

For the presentation:

Please note the content of this call is for information purposes only and is subject to change as the project evolves. Further, the communication within this call should not be taken as investment advice. The ThreeFold Token (TFT) is not an investment instrument. TFTs represent IT capacity on the ThreeFold Grid. Farmers create TFT, and developers (grid users) use TFT.

Thanks to those who joined live and all those who watch the recording. Together we build!


Thanks for sharing this.

It’s great that we have recordings of those presentations.
This one was very interesting.

I would say, let us not be afraid to put dense information in those videos. People can digest at their own pace when they check the playback.

We all know there’s a lot going on in the Threefold Ecosystem so we should be proud of having too much to say!

Having the questions written and shown on the screen was also very helpful to follow the answers.

Considering that the Internet is both capacity and connectivity, the partnership of Kleos (connectivity) and Threefold (capacity) is promising.

Thanks @gosam, @Sacha and @kristof!!

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After watching the reccording I must say that now I am even more worried about this project. Great ideas are often simple, like airbnb you connect the accomodation supply and demand and you take a cut for that service. So far I understood that TF is going to do the same with store and compute. Now it seams that it also wants to extend to conectivity, liquidity providing etc, in short buliding a whole new ecosystem. Insted of having one token there will be 3, instedad of focusing on one “core business” there will be several. Meanwhile the initial business is still in development phase. Prehaps I’m not smart enough to understad your vision at the moment, and perhaps this is just smoke and dreams to atract new investments. I hope it’s the first. :pray:

Hi @petar I hope more of the team will chime in but I will at least offer my perspective. First of all, no smoke and dreams just a(n admittedly) big vision that requires more explanation and evolution.

ThreeFold will always at its core be a peer-to-peer open-source Internet platform that connects users directly with local Internet capacity provided by farmers. Objectively, the world needs such an infrastructure – as the traditional Internet system cannot meet the needs of growing demands and local Internet capacity is more and more a requirement. So this aspect of ThreeFold will always exist inherently, people will always be able to offer and reserve local Internet capacity. It is necessary for all the rest to happen – and that is what you saw with proof of capacity / proof of utilization in the presentation.

But indeed ThreeFold’s vision is much greater than just being an “Airbnb for Internet capacity.” We see that current systems (Internet, banking, crypto, supply chains, on and on) are based on weak foundations and are failing people and our planet – and we see a path to be able to help to resolve this. ThreeFold has always been focused on values … We’ve always dreamt of building a more fair and equal Internet that is better for our planet. There will be some in our community who believe in ThreeFold purely for the technology and there will be others who believe in ThreeFold for the technology and everything else. For me I see no issue here. Together we build! :pray: