TFT is listing on Liquid and BTC Alpha on the 1st of June 2020

The long wait is over. We are excited to announce that starting next Monday, TFT will be available on

This brings an opportunity for people who believe in ThreeFold long-term to participate in the growth of the project.

Let us know if any question come up.


This is great news. I am being asked which pairs will be tradable ?

Hello Michael.

For the start, its BTC/TFT on both exchanges.

Brilliant thank you for your quick reply

Is it possible to transfer TFTA (from 3Bot connect app) to BTC alpha or only TFT ?

Do we know what time trading commences?

Hi Colin, the trading shall officially start at 10AM CEST. :slight_smile:

Actually Liquid just told me 1500 JST which I think is 0800 CET.
Not sure about BTC Alpha though.