TFGrid mainnet almost there

We are very close with the release of TFGrid 3.0 for production. We call production = mainnet.
Its an alfa 1, release, it can be used for production but there are some DAO features missing.

Over next weeks we will release upgrade tools to make it easy for 2.x farmers to upgrade their environment to 3.x.

Please note farming rules used for 3.x will only activate end of Jan 2022, even if connected earlier in the month. Farming will be calculated end of Jan 2022 with the connection parameters at that time.

important: this is an early release, there will be bugs.

have fun, let us know any of your remarks.



Sooooo soooo Exciting! Thank you for the update @kristof :pray: :desktop_computer: :globe_with_meridians: :star2:

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update mainnet has been launched yesterday, almost no capacity yet but some farmers will add over next days.
we expect to have much more in 1 week.

No big announcements yet, this is all close community news for now.


Super exciting. :slight_smile:

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