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Note: If this has been raised before, I will delete the post.

The DIY simulator and the Titan simulator don’t have the same TFT farming rewards for the same specs:

DIY simulator:

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 11.56.52 AM

Titan simulator:

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 11.57.36 AM

DIY: we see 353.13 TFT
Titan: we see 441.41 TFT


Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 11.58.25 AM

This parameter cannot take a comma and state invalid number (picture above).

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 11.59.06 AM
When I type 0.08, it doesn’t take into account the " . " so only " 8 " comes out (picture above).

What do you guys think? Can this be fixed?


The 8 cent error happens on some of my systems/browsers, but I have some where I can change it just fine. At least I think…

The difference between the TitanV3 and the DIY server is that the Titan is considered to be a “certified” node. This is a node that has a locked-down BIOS and can only boot a “signed” version of Zero-OS. The reward for a certified node is 1.25x the reward for a DIY node. Please see here.

With regards to the 8 cents. I’ll open an issue for this in the github repo. Issue listed here which will be responded to / fixed.

Thanks for opening up an issue for the decimal bug.

The following discussion always takes into account the following 3node specs: 32GB RAM, 8 vcores, 1000GB SSD.

  1. DIY uncertified - 282.5 TFT per month
  2. DIY certified - 353.13 TFT per month
  3. Titan certified - 441.41 TFT

First, I would propose to remove the uncertified category in the Titan simulator, since there is no such thing as uncertified Titan. (Thus, have the certified box ticked by default, and remove the No certification option.)

Second, the difference between 1. and 2. is 25%, and the difference between 2. and 3. is 25%.
This means that the difference between 1. and 3. is 56% (282.5 * 1.25 * 1.25 = 441.41, 1.25*1.25 = 1.56).

The definition of a certified 3node is : “a node that has a locked-down BIOS and can only boot a “signed” version of Zero-OS.”

So what is the difference between a DIY certified and a Titan certified? The two have a locked-down BIOS and can only boot a “signed” version of Zero-OS, right? Still there is a 25% difference.

This gives us 2 levels of certification (DIY certified, Titan certified), plus the Gold certification coming up. There is thus 3 distinct levels of certification.

In the situation above, a DIY certified gives 25% more rewards than a DIY uncertified, and a Titan certified gives 25% more than a DIY certified. Thus, we note that a Titan certified gives 56% more farming rewards than a DIY uncertified.

In this same logic, a Titan Gold certified would be 87% more farming rewards than the equivalent non-certified DIY 3node, since 282.5 * 1.87 = 529.69. The Gold certification states that it’s 50% more farming rewards, but this is 50% more farming rewards than the DIY certified 3node, which yields 353 TFT per month, 353 * 1.5 = 529. So there is a confusion between the “base” farming rewards taken. Uncertified 3node DIY is 282, certified 3node DIY is 353 (+25% from the uncertified DIY 3node).

If those maths are OK, I am wondering if this should be stated more clearly?

So, on the link you shared above, it says: “Certified hardware provides 25% more yields than DIY 3Nodes.”

But I just showed that there are currently 2 different certified notions (without taking into account the Gold certification).

Taken literally, this statement is unclear. The following adjustment would be clearer:

“A certified DIY 3node provides 25% more yields than an uncertified DIY 3Node, and a certified Titan 3node provides 25% more yields than a certified DIY 3node. Also, Gold certification provides 50% more yield than a certified DIY 3node, or 87% more yields than an uncertified DIY 3node. A Gold certified Titan provides 20% more yields than a certified Titan.”

Clearly this sentence is too long, but it has all the correct maths.

Let me know if this makes sense!

EDIT: @weynandkuijpers @scott @kristof --> Do you guys have anything to say on this comment? I think it’s important that the simulator shows the correct farming or that we explain clearly that there is a 25% bonus from DIY to DIY certified, and then from DIY certified to Titan, another 25%. As of now there seems to be a mistake. OR I get something wrong. Thank you for the feedback.


We could at least tell what was going on then.

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If my comment above isn’t clear, here’s a simple way to look at it:
First picture: DIY uncertified gives 282 TFT:

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.08.15 AM

Second picture: DIY certified gives 353 TFT (that is 25% more than 282 TFT):

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.08.39 AM

Third picture: this is the Titan uncertified: 282 TFT (note that there is no such thing as uncertified Titan in real-life situations)

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.09.11 AM

Fourth picture: this is the Titan certified : 441 TFT… that is 56% more than the base 282 TFT, not 25%. It is 25% more than the 353 TFT in the second picture.

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.09.35 AM

@weynandkuijpers @kristof @scott

Github link available? We can’t find it.

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The latest code is in the weblets repo, specifically here. I’ve transferred Weynand’s issue in to that repo where it will hopefully get some attention.

There’s also another repo dedicated to the simulator, but it has older code than what’s live right now. This situation is not ideal.

Based on my read of the commit history, it appears that some code was added to give another %25 boost if both Titan and certified are selected. As Mik noted above, there are only certified Titans in practice, so this doesn’t really make sense. I’ll open another issue.