TF Product FOCUS: TFConnect App (TFGrid v3.8.0)

ThreeFold Product Focus - TFConnect App Updates and Improvements (TFGrid v3.8.0)

:wave: Hi ThreeFold Community!

My name is Sasha from ThreeFold’s Product Management, and I am back to giving you updates on ThreeFold Products this week.

This time I would like to focus on ThreeFold Connect App’s updates that will be released on TFGrid v3.8.0. New features and improvements are being implemented to TFConnect App this month, including but not limited to new features on TFWallet, in-app Farm Management, and many more.

Here are some of the highlights of TFConnect App’s new upcoming features and improvements:

:mag: TFWallet v3.3.0 New Features

:zap: Initiate, Import and Convert Wallets to Public Wallets

TFWallet is a built-in wallet inside the TFConnect App. On the next TFWallet release, all new wallets made on TFConnect App will be made public by default.

:question: What is a Public Wallet?

A public wallet simply means your wallet address exists on a public database that can be found by other users. A private wallet means that your wallet address is private and only known to others if you send the address.

:question: Is a Public Wallet secure?

Both public and private wallets are secure. Just because a wallet is ‘public’ it does not mean that other users can access inside your wallet or see how many tokens you have. Only your public wallet address and username will be available on the public database, nothing more than that.

None will be able to access your wallet unless they have a hold of your wallet’s secret / private keys. So please keep your private keys securely and never share them to anyone.

Users will be able to create a new public wallet, or import old wallets and convert them into public wallets via TFConnect App.

:zap: Send and Receive Tokens by using TFConnect Username

We are making wallet addresses public by default in order to make token transactions even easier for ThreeFold users. By making your wallet public, other users will be able to send you tokens by putting your TFConnect username only (instead of the long blockchain address).

Sending tokens to a long blockchain address could be time consuming, and intimidating; one single character mistake could result in tokens being sent / received to a wrong address or lost forever. Therefore, we would like to resolve this problem.

Users will be able to send tokens to a public wallet address by using the TFConnect username handle. If the recipient user has more than one public wallet address, the public wallets will be displayed as a dropdown options to choose from, as shown above.

:zap: Change Your Wallet Visibility

You can always change your wallet visibility (from public to private, private to public) by clicking the info button on the right bottom corner of your wallet tabs.

Older wallets created before this upcoming release would be private by default. That means if you own a wallet before TFWallet v3.3 update, your wallets are private, unless you decide to make them public.

‘Private’ means, users won’t be able to send tokens to your old wallets by only using the TFConnect username, unless you switch your old wallets into ‘Public’.

The same way, you could also change your wallet visibility from public wallet to private wallet if preferred.

:mag: Farm Management Improvement

On the next release of TFConnect App, we are also improving our in-app Farm Management functionality.

:zap: Node Status information on ‘Farm Details’ page

Users will be able to see the status of a node (online/offline) on ‘Farm Details page’ when they click on a specific farm listed on their TFConnect App’s Farm Management tab, shown as red dot (offline node) and green dot (online node).

:zap: Enable in-app Farm Deletion

Users will be able to delete their farm directly via TFConnect App’s Farm Management tab. A confirmation dialogue will be displayed before deletion, to avoid accidental deletion of a farm.

:mag: More Info

Please keep in mind that these features are still being implemented and are not yet live on TFConnect App (10/10/2022). We will announce it to the community as soon as this feature is live on production (TFGrid v3.8.0).

Also keep in mind that the latest version of the ThreeFold Connect App will be needed for users to start using these functionalities (after the release). Please manually update your TFConnect App later on if your smart phone does not automatically update the app for you.

You can read more about TFWallet on TFConnect App here on ThreeFold’s Wiki.

Not yet a TFWallet user? Download TFConnect App for iOS and Android to start using TFWallet.

:mag: What’s Next?

We’d like to also invite you to join our TFGrid Tester Community telegram channel to meet other community members, test our products, receive new product updates and announcements, and start some conversations on our new improvements, and many more.

Stay tuned on ThreeFold forum for our next product updates. I will be back to bring you more Product FOCUS Series to highlight new features of certain ThreeFold Products, as well as to announce the official Release Note on my next posts, once the official TFGrid v3.8.0 is released.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank every one of ThreeFold’s software engineers that have been working hard to bring these updates live to production.

What Product FOCUS would you like to see more on the forum? Comment below to give us feedback on a specific product FOCUS that you’ve been waiting for!

Love and Gratitude,

:woman: Sasha Astiadi

:email: P.S I’d like to thank Lennert, our Software Engineer superstar who has helped me draft this exciting news post for all of us :grinning:


Hello, it will be great if you can add swap TFT stellar inside the app. Thanks


Good idea. I’ve added a feature request to the TF Connect App repo.

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