Tf node not showing in portal (CLOSED)

Hi all. I had a node that had some memory and cpu issues and was offline for 2 days while I repaired it.

Once back online it showed in the explorer but not my portal.

I have rebooted it in attempts to fix but no still the same.

I assume best bet is to have tech look tomorrow when they open.



so you mean, its a v3 node and you see it on
but on you doesnt see it?

can you name your farm id.


Yes thats correct

Node: 2735

Farm ID 1883

Hello Lucio!

From our records, we’re able to identify this issue is under investigation as there was a similar case reported. You can refer to the ticket here -

Additionally, I can raise a ticket specifically for your case as well, and will keep you updated when we have more information from the Devs.

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Hello! I’ve reached out to you via our live chat requesting some visual information to add to our investigation of your ticket -

Please provide to investigate further.

I have the same problem, node is online in explorer but it is no longer displayed in I have had 3 farms since this is the problem

I was able to fix this by going into the portal and re-pasting the address and signing again - popped right back up - not sure why as it was already right - try that


Thx this time it worked, I had already done it, unfortunately it doesn’t exist then

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Thanks guys for helping each other out here.

I added CLOSED to the post title so people will know the questions have been answered.

If you have other questions, we can do another post so it will be easier to search by the Threefold Community.

Happy Farming!

EDIT: I added your advice+answers on the TF documentation