TF Network Community Call March 16th Announcement & Discussion Thread

We have news on loads of subjects we would like to share with you next week!

Topics we will be covering during the update:

  • Token Listing Update
  • Grid 2.0.3 Update
  • Stellar Integration Update
  • New Partnerships
  • Impact Messaging
  • & More

Is there anything you’d like us to cover in particular? Let us know below!

See you Monday March the 16th at 19:00 CET.

Call Link:


For those who missed last night’s community call, here is the link. Included in the video description are timestamps and a link to the presentation:

Feel free to leave any comments or questions here!


Hi Sam, as I am teaching sustainability on a educational university, would it be possible to share a few slides from the recent call?
Thanks Otto



Here’s a link to the presentation:

Let me know if you need any slides in particular, also happy to edit / adjust any of them for you if needed.

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Thanks a million Sam. I intend to use slide #2 and #3.


Hey, does anybody have a summary bullets of the update to translate into other launguages?