TF Deep Dive Session 1: TF Grid 3, Weblets, & Demos

Hi friends,

Here is the recording from yesterday’s session. Please give it a watch! We’d love your comments, questions, and feedback. It moves quickly and covers some technical details, but we’re here to help if anything needs further explanation! Also, the ThreeFold Library is your friend!

Here is the presentation, which includes some helpful links.

We hope you’ll tune in today for the session on TF Grid & TFT Growth Simulator, Farming & Tokenomics 3.0 walk-through. If you can’t make it, we’ll share the recording here on the forum.


Great first deep dive! Looking forward to today’s session :tada:

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Thank you for putting the playback online! It was a great pleasure to learn more about Threefold and where it is heading.

This project will be a major player in the upcoming years. Glad to be part of it. Bravo!!!