TF Connect Wallet V3

The ThreeFold team has been working hard and will be launching the new and improved 3.0 wallet in the TF Connect app soon.

TFChain wallet

We have created a Blockchain based on Parity Substrate which manages the ThreeFold Grid 3.x. This Blockchain is called the TFChain.

Wallet 3.0 will include a TFChain wallet in addition to the Stellar wallet that is already integrated in the app.

The ThreeFold Connect app will automatically generate a new TFChain wallet address for you. Details of this wallet (wallet name, address and secret) can be found under the information tab of the wallet section in your app. An existing TFChain wallet which was already created in the portal can be imported by clicking on the import button in the wallet tab of the app and filling in your TFChain private key.


To send tokens from your wallet on the Stellar blockchain to your wallet on the TFChain blockchain, you will be able to use the bridge which is integrated in the TF Connect App. For now, this is a one-way bridge. In a later phase, bridging from TFChain to Stellar will also be added to the app.

Wallet overview

Main overview

In the main overview, you can find your TF Connect wallet sections with a list of the wallets with assets and amounts. Clicking any of those wallet sections will give more details.
photo_2022-03-28 12.05.35


The wallet details are split up into three windows.

  • Asset overview: List of all the assets on this section, with the label of the blockchain it resides on (TFChain or Stellar). You can also send and receive tokens in this overview, and bridge TFTs from Stellar to the TFChain.
    photo_2022-03-28 12.05.47

  • Transactions: A list of all transactions of your wallets on the Stellar blockchain. The transaction history for the TFChain will be added in a later release of the TF Connect app.
    photo_2022-03-28 12.05.48

  • Information: the details of your specific wallet. Here you can find the Stellar and TFChain address, as well as the secrets (private keys) to those wallets. Please make sure to never communicate the private keys to anyone, not even members of the ThreeFold Team. You can also change your wallet section name in this window.
    photo_2022-03-28 12.05.50

If you have any questions about this wallet upgrade, please reach out to our support team on the live chat in the TF Connect app or on our website

All the best,

The TF Team


Thanks for sharing this update, @sabrinasadik! And a big thank you to the team for working so hard to make wallet 3.0 happen :pray:

For those interested in some background reading – we have a blog post on TF Chain and another one on our active blockchain bridges, also explaining the differences between Stellar and TF Chain. :bulb:


Thank you, team. What confuses me: when working in the transaction view of this release: when I get tokens the arrow in the green dot points away from me, and when I send tokens the arrow in the red dot points towards me? The timestamp needs to include the YEAR info somehow. Also, history information is incomplete (no info about the vested tokens at all). Please keep in mind that this piece of SW is used to track 100.000s of € or $ of investments.

It appears your understanding of the transaction view is correct, and we appreciate the suggestions regarding the history information and timestamps. We will discuss the suggestions within the farming circle and will come back here with updates if any.


thank you dear Otto for your feedback,
these improvements will be implemented in next release

please do not some of these items may seem trivial but they absolutely are not, we are talking about assets on blockchain and not all info can that easy be retrieved. We will do our best to accomodate.

I hope you like all the improvements too (-:

Thank You


Hi everyone,

Do you think it would be possible to add a feature in the TF Connect App to create more than one wallet?

Meaning, can we add a function: Create Wallet (not just Import Wallet).

Some TF users want to have 2 wallets in their TF Connect App.
The current workaround is to create another wallet on another phone and import the wallet OR create a wallet on Stellar and add a TFT trust line, then import it.

Let me know what you think!

Very important
People can have several wallets with different uses.
I can have 2 servers or more, and different ownership.
Let’s assume you have a business attach to it
In my case, I have personal wallets but I would like to have another one just for the business…
It will also help business owners to HODL their income, or whatever

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HI @Mik. You can have multiple wallets in the TF Connect app. Multiple wallets for the stellar network and multiple wallets for polkadot substrate.

For Stellar, the complication is that you have to have a couple of XLM (stellar’s own currency) to create the wallet. We have been “funding” this for a while but have now decided that the wallet owner should do this for her/himself. The complication of having it funded from a central wallet and having to monitor the balance of it (and thus when running out effectively people could not create new wallets anymore) was causing for work than convenience.

So create anywhere and then import :slight_smile:

I have a suggestion for new functionality of The ThreeFold Connect application. It is possible to add a notification section to each node of the respective farm. The application checks every hour (ping to the node if necessary) for the state of the node - operational/not operational. If the check fails, it sends a notification to the farmer. It is also convenient that this feature can be turned on/off by the farmer for each node separately. Thus, in the event of a power outage or technical malfunction and other problems, the farmer will be able to take the necessary measures to restore the node’s operability.

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OK Thanks @weynandkuijpers for the clarifications.

I will state this clearly in the upcoming documentation: that you can have more than one wallet in the TF Connect App, but it’s the user’s responsibility to do so, and it’s not planned to have a function in TF Connect App to create an additional wallet.

Let me know if I got this wrong or if it needs fine tuning.



This is indeed correct, we have an import functionality where you can import wallets both by Substrate secret or stellar secret. But we only generate one default wallet. This is indeed because these wallets are funded by the TF organisation. People however can import any extra wallets that they want, I have 8 wallets attached to my own ThreeFold Connect account. Just keep in mind that the wallets need a TFT trustline on stellar to be able to send and receive TFT.

Is it possible to export the transaction history of a wallet to CSV or something like that?

Yes I think you just need to access your wallet address from a browser with a stellar blockchain explorer.

Hi @KLehner. Yes - every blockchain has an explorer function and these explorer functions allow you to see transactions and export them. TFT is on 2 chains at the moment: Stellar and Polkadot.

For Stellar based TFT’s there is an explorere here: Enter you wallet address in the top left search box, and after pressing enter you should see everything/transaction that happened with your account. Example this is the result of the daily account I use to demo.

If you are not deploying/doing things on the TF Grid (dev, test or mainnet) you will not have transfered any tokes to the TF Chain, therefore all your tokens/wallets will be on the Stellar Chain.

Happy exploring :wink:

Hi @weynandkuijpers, @Mik,
Thanks for the hint. I have already used the explorer some times ago but didn’t remember when looking at the wallet in the threefold app.

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Amazing answer, as always!

I did a Q+A out of this and it will be available soon in the upcoming documentation.