TF Connect upgrade

Hi all! As the project is advancing maybe it would be a good time to upgrade the TF Connect app. From my point of view I would like to see all under one roof approach. To add link to the TF forum from the app, Telegram channel and even maybe token supply (bscscan) etc. Perhaps add 3 new fields in the app menu: Forum, Social media and Token supply.

Any thoughts and other recommendations on this ?


I agree that having all the above into one App would be great - I wouldn’t see it as a priority as the team has so many other things that they are working on

Hi Petar, Good thinking. We’re very open to receive input to what “feature enhacements” out products would benefit from. The way we manage these feature requests is by collecting them in issues in the repositories of the different software components.

This is the repo for the TF Connect app, and more specifically the page on which issues are collected. If you want to put you request forward, please open an issue and label it feature request.

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