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Hey Weynand. Here we are. Curious about how we can support ThreeFold in Brazil by setting up a hub between our team members.


Hi - we can help you / find community people that will help you setup. What is it that you want to achieve? A local setup with hardware (what are you thinking of - do you have existing hardware or want some advice on what to purchase) or more software-oriented in terms of what apps can be imported and run on the grid.

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Hi Weynand
How can i help
kind regards Andy

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Hey Weynand. Thanks for your answer. Initially, we want to create a little hub here with 30 homes on one plot, and a variety of team members spread out through the town here in Alto Paraiso. Our next stage is to build a fully functional city. The stage after that is to support the creation of another 143 cities globally, with which we want to become an off grid society, operating under a model such as presented in the www.Auravana.org project

For our very first phase, we would need the full setup. We don’t have any hardware at this moment, apart from our own computers.

I want to know how useable such a setup is at this stage in the development of Threefold. How can I learn more about that? You mention apps that can be imported and run on the grid. Does that mean many traditional applications don’t work on Threefold right now?

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Hello Daan, sounds like a very interesting project to be part of. Happy to discuss several ways this can be taken forward. I don’t understand what you mean with “the full setup”. Let’s spend some time trying to understand what it is you want to achieve.

The ThreeFold technology creates autonomous compute and storage capacity. Similar to a solar panel creating hassle-free electricity the ThreeFold 3node creates hassled free compute and storage, local. all you need to do this is a computer, electricity, network connectivity to that computer (internet access), and some time. These ingredients allow you to build community-based (one or many) capacity generators.

Once this is one (one or more…) you can then starting thinking about what community applications you want to run. Any Linux application will run on the ThreeFold capacity generators.

S0 - if you can elaborate a little bit on your end goals we can jointly define a pathway to achieve that with simple, but major steps forward. Let me know!

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Great Weynand!

With the full setup, I meant, that we have no hardware here at our disposal apart from our computers. I don’t know what we would need to run our own local network here. If the Threefold 3nodes are all we need then that’s what I mean with full setup.

Your explanation is clear. I am wondering how useable it is for us now since we run only Windows and Mac tools - mostly web-based. Many of our team members are spread out over the world right now. So also that is questionable, how useable a local threefold grid will be for us now?

However, once we start the construction of our own community, I expect between 20-50 people living here permanently and I would love to understand already now, how we can make use of Threefold then. I’m not sure what’s the best way forward. A call could be nice. Continuing this thread here works also for me. Up to you. Let me know!

Hi Daan, good to hear. First and foremost it is perfect to use Windows of Mac end user devices. In the end (as you rightfully said) those are the tools you connect to application and services that run somewhere on the internet.

ThreeFold allows you to build local, decentralized internet capacity which runs applications that you need close to you. So you are ready to go to that next step: Create a (little) piece of this new internet by your local community for you local community.

What you need in order to move forward:

  • reliable power
  • reliable connectivity
  • one (or more) computers to make this internet backbone on. This can be any device (laptop, desktop, server) that you might have or find (new or second hand).

Please read this and let me know if this is clear: https://wiki.threefold.io/#/threefold__farming_home

As a follow up let’s do a meeting - this will speed things up! Looking forward to it.

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Great Weynand. Thank you! I’m talking with our team to see who will be involved. I’ll get back to you with an invitation to jump on a call.

Thank you so far. It’s all clear now!

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Hi Daan, hope all is well. Any timeframe to jump on a call soon? We have. been meeting a group of Brazilians on the Nile 2 weeks ago, members from a project called “Utopia”.

Anyway, let me know when you are ready for the next step!


yes it was so tremendous to meet the founders from https://www.ootopia.org/ who are so keen to collaborate with us :100: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :100:
Excited to see what is going to unfold from there :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses: :nerd_face:

Hey Weynand. Yes it’s time. I’d love to connect. I’m in Brazil GMT-3. My mornings after 10am usually work (1500 CEST).

5-9th of July all free @10am still.

Let me know if that works!

Hi Daan, we never connected after this message. Let’s connect - we now have a group in Brazil that is taking bringing freeflow to live!

Hey Weynand. That would be great. I’m in contact with Florian in Brazil and am looking forward to have a talk with him.

I’ll be traveling to the Netherlands from Friday 24th until October 14th. Are you in Holland? Would love to meet physically if possible.

Hi Daan,

I just might be, I work and live in Dubai, but I am planning to pay a visit to my family and a partner that we are working with in that period. So let’s see if we can make this work! I’ll keep you posted.

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ok awesome. Let me know!