Teisie's uptime tool and deployment calculator

I wanted to recognize and nominate a member of the crew here for some recognition, @teisie, reached out to me on telegram just about a week and half ago trying to solve some deployment frustrations. After getting him setup in a working environment on the Dev net this individual has produced tthree incredible tools and made them available to the public, hosted on grid! Teis has truly demonstrated a dedication to improving the status quo for those around him and building tools that contribute to the project in meaningful way. Here’s a few pictures of the tools he has built for those that haven’t seen them

his uptime check tool requires nothing more then a farm number to give you past two months of data

his deployment calculator works flawlessly.

i recently noticed this page added with nothing said, A tool able to track which nodes are currently the most productive and live stats

If you want to check out or use any of his tools they are located at


Wonderful tools indeed. Good idea @ParkerS and thank you @teisie!

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Thank you @ParkerS, i really apreciate your time being in the project and all the time we put in to boost the project i’m sure we will provide perfect tools never seen before to all grid users and farmers.

About the dashboard, i just put up an update. I think this will fit better:

I’m working on a little more table view, but this is very compact and easy to read.

This is just the beginning and we have a long long road ahead.


@teisie awesome job, these are really useful tools!

some suggestions:

  • Navigation
    – optimize the interface by displaying all content on one page, instead of the current three-sectioned layout (top, left nav, right content). The current layout is a bit awkward when looking at the uptime table, and the farmer has quite a few farms (navigation turns into a frame inside a frame)
  • Uptime Table
    – introduce a Totaled Farmed TFT line at the end
    – optional to display the farm name
  • Option for us to query the uptime directly via url, instead of manually navigating to the page and typing in farmer id.

Thank you fore your response.

Apreacate it!

That’s defintely a point to improve, regarding multiple farms i think that’s not really the way to go any way right now. Most i know from the farmer chat just have 1 farm to store all nodes.

But off course this can be inegrated.

This is also possible, i’ll check what i can do on that one.

How did you got this in mind? Per node, per farm? Where for would you want to use this?