Technology ownership

Hi all!
I have read somewhere in the wiki that the technology behind ThreeFold Network is owned by TF Tech.
I would like to understand exactly what that means.
Are there restrictions to use the technology without consent of TF Tech?
What else is implicit or explicit in the ownership?
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Hello dear Jefferson,

‘Technology owned by TFTech’ means that TF Tech is owner of the open-source licenses as mentioned in the repositories on Github.
Open-source licenses, what can be done with it and what not, are clearly defined in the T&C of each license. Code owned by TF Tech is published on Github under a few different licenses: MIT, Apache v2, GPLv3, BSD. Each of them has a few particularities. In general, at least, the copyright notice should remain.
What it exactly means for each license you can find freely on the internet, as an example on

Hope this helps.

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