Supported NICs for Zero-OS

I am about to setup some nodes. I have been reading the forums extensively and I regularly see that some NICs are not supported by Zero-OS. I am about to invest in some Dell R620s and I can specify a quad port NIC. Is there a list of NICs that are supported? I haven’t been able to find one.


Not sure if a list exists, but I can confirm that the factory default 4-port NIC works 100% on the R620

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I have had problems with the embedded nic on dell r710 and others of that generation. As the other poster said r620s work and are probably the best choice of any server.

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I can also confirm that the NICs on the R620s work pretty well.
I have some of the 4 port cards and dome 2+2 SFP+ ports cards. Both cards work fine.

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I can choose either the Dell i350 quad port or the Dell BCM5720. The latter is half the price.

What isn’t clear is whether there are any Ethernet ports native to the chassis - so maybe I don’t need to add this?

They should be semi-embedded (I made that term up, so don’t google it) with no need to add any, but I don’t know if the reseller is doing something weird. It looks like both of those models come in standard pcie card and the modular semi-embedded format. It would be very lame he was charging more to include the NIC they all come with by default.


I checked the Dell spec sheet and the server is sold with a variety of NIC options. I have selected the cheapest one. It is $30. Let’s see what arrives.

I have also gone for this RAID option (H310 MiniMono (SAS/SATA) RAID Kit ) as it comes with all the SATA cables and can be configured for “No RAID”. Any experience with this?

H310 is the standard RAID controller. I’m guessing in the no raid option they are pulling out the raid card? Is there a link you can share?

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If you plan to use the front bays you should opt for the controller.

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I appreciate the help.

I plan to put 2 x Xeon ES-2560L processors (10 cores each - 40vCPUs) with a 70W TDP. In your experience, how much power does the chassis consume at idle? I am trying to understand the power demands/costs and whether I should try to offset with a solar/battery setup.

They will idle at less than 100w I think. I can get you better number tonight.

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I have the 12 core and I’m below 100W with these. So you really can expect less than 100 W power draw.
RAM configuration can also does +/- some Watts.

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Hi guys I have BRCM 10G/GbE 2+2P 57800 rNDC on my Dell R620 but somehow i am getting a message “No Network Card Found” on the start while booting into Zero-OS. Any ideas? someone had issue with this NIC?