Suggestion: Mastodon (twitter alternative)

suggest to create a solution to make it easy for TFGrid users to deploy Mastodon

freemium plan

  • some Threefold token holders are more than happy to donate some TFT to this good cause, allowing threefold to become a backend for something like Mastodon is important
  • suggest to follow the following plan
    • 1000 free instances
    • the instance is free of charge as long as the deploying user has at least 1000 TFT on account and there are +50 users on the server < 2 months.
    • TODO: we need to figure out how to this technically


dns & networking

  • each instance would be reachable on $
  • $chosenname is unique in the world
  • $all instances are connected end2end encrypted network links
  • each instance is exposed over a webgateway


  • phase 1: local storage on ssd
  • phase 2: add quantum safe filesystem as option, and do backup from local storage

parameters in weblet

  • 3 verification levels for users joining a mastodon server
    • email only (default), which means when users get on such a server they only need email
    • threefold connect single sign on (means users to use this one will need TF Connect)
    • threefold connect single sign on + KYC verification
  • size of server (storage, cpu)
  • location of server (where to deploy)
  • a unique name (we need to check that this name is unique)
  • passwd for admin user
  • qsfs as add on (optional and prob phase 2)

super easy way to get started

  • install tfconnect
  • easiest way to get some tft (is gettft now easy enough?)
  • go to which is onboarding website
  • on start there are some easy instructions (e.g. how to get started with tfchain)
  • on start… the weblet helps user to get started


  • for private network between instances, do we use wireguard or planetary net (yggdrasil)
  • how to make sure instances communicate over the private links and not the external ones (pub)
  • can we directly do quantum safe storage system (FS)
  • review the onboarding process needs to be easiest possible
  • admin user needed? or can we do something with tfconnect?

Do any of our storage solutions play nicely with s3 or openstack Swift API?

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S3 interfaces can be installed on top of quantum safe filesystem, we tried with minio but some people complained about performance while the filesystem itself was fast, had something to do with how minio was writing to the filesystem (lots of rewrites). We should test some other S3 implementations, but we right now don’t have the time for it.


I started work on getting this deployed manually last night, hoping to have it up in the next few hours.

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i have validated running the mastodon workload on grid. got a demo setup here


Just created my first Mastodon account on your demo server. Will you let us know if/when you shut it down, so we may be able to move our accounts to another server?


My intent is to maintain the site, I am currently working on gathering the know how to expand it to a redundant system that will ensure everyone’s data stays safe.

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Sounds great. Looking forward to reading about how you got it done!

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