Suggestion for a Grant Patronage Program: Experienced Farmers Helping Out New Farmers


By hanging around the farmers community, I realize that many newcomers have the same basic questions concerning DIY and Titan builds, and that many experienced farmers have the knowledge necessary to help and assist them.

I was thinking, we could have some sort of Teacher-Student program/Threefold School where, let’s say, someone wants to build a certain type of server installation on the Threefold Grid. Then, he/she could send a demand for a “Farmer Helper” and specifies maybe in the request what he/she has in mind so the experienced farmer can check if he/she’s got the necessary knowledge to help. They could mutually decide on some sort of rewards from the help.

Here are a couple examples of what the newcomer could ask. It could be in sections or else. Any proposition is welcomed!

Ex1: I will give 10% of my three first months of farming to a “Farmer Helper” who would help and give me advices on building a server with 3nodes under 1000$ US.

Ex2: I will give 200 TFT of my future earnings from farming for a “Farmer Helper” who would help me upgrade my DIY node to maximize the earnings with the current minting system.

Ex3: I will give 100 TFT to a “Farmer Helper” who would help me to do maintenance and troubleshoots for the first 3 months of my farm deployment. I would not ask more than X minutes of help. A new contract would be decided after X minutes of service, if needed.

*Numbers are here as an example. People would find a common ground.

It could be in the form of some sort of marketplace with offer and demand. It could be based on reputation, as Threefold has been doing in the forum. We could have additional information such as the country, the region or the native language of the participants, so people could teach to others with similar or perhaps known parameters.

As TFT rewards are locked in the Grid, we’d need some smart contract to let the new farmer sends the rewards to the “Farmer Helper”. This could be done automatically once the trade is settled and the tokens are minted.

Say an experienced farmer can help a newcomer to gain 50% more tokens for 5 years thanks to some pro tips, compared to the un-experienced build the newcomer would have done otherwise. In this case, the newcomer might be very happy to give, e.g., 5-10% of the rewards of the first X month(s) of farming. This would be a healthy incentive for people to help and grow the grid.

The help could be given through Telegram personal chat (and/or vocal/video call), or the Threefold’s version of Zoom, or the Threefold chat, etc.

Future proposition, when the community is large enough:
In the future, when the community expands, we could have live, in-person reunions where (many) people would gather and teach each others how to build servers and apps, etc. We could even have some sort of treasury where people could buy and build servers for the organization or unlock funds to help new farmers with in-person services.

Please let me know what you guys think!

Thank you for reading.


I love the idea of mutual aid and letting the gifts flow in both directions via TFT. Getting something like you propose built into the minting system should be possible, perhaps via a DAO proposal. The fact that this is essentially the same logic needed for a referral system could lend extra utility to a general farming payment deferral system.

In person meetups sound great too! Indeed, a truly decentralized movement would benefit from local branches with their own resources to support Grid expansion.


Amazing idea! :clap: This could start with a sub-category in #farming here on the forum and we could create an extra badge for experienced farmers :thinking:

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I’ve pulled people aside a few times on the telegram to help them build. I wouldn’t mind people being directed to me for help, I enjoy it.


great idea.
I will leave here our contacts for Russian-speaking users.

Отличная идея.
оставлю тут наши контакты для русскоговорящих пользователей.



Excellent suggestions! I am very happy to read such posts as this is exactly what I admire in communities and community building. :pray: