Storing TFT on Hardware Wallets

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This was a tricky one to crack for me and I’ve noticed that others are wondering the same. How to store TFTs on a hardware wallet? If you have a Ledger, you might have noticed that only XLM is supported by Ledger Live. However, you can still use the Stellar app with other wallets to manage TFT.

Most of my experience is with StellarTerm, so that’s what I’ll show here. There are other wallets that offer similar functionality, but I have more limited experience with them. Another option to try is StellarX. Please note that in any case, you’ll need a couple XLM in your wallet to activate it and issue the TFT trustline.

First, navigate to, and click the login button. Then scroll down and select Ledger or Trezor. For Ledger, open the Stellar app on your device and follow the prompts to log in. I don’t have a Trezor, so you’re on your own there :slightly_smiling_face:

You can specify which account you would like to access in StellarTerm by providing a custom BIP32 path:


Once you’re in the account, add a trustline for TFT. You can do that on this page:

Now, we’ll find TFT by typing into the search box. Like this:

Hit the green accept button to the right of TFT and follow the instructions on your device.

With the trust line enabled, you can now receive TFT at your hardware wallet’s Stellar address. You can send TFT by logging into StellarTerm or another Stellar wallet that supports hardware wallets and using the send feature therein.

And… that’s it! Stay safe, friends.


Great post! One can also use instead of Both are working well.

It can also be a good idea to send your farming reward to a hardware wallet.

Stellar is very fast and easy to use.

Thanks Scott!

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Thanks for the report on StellarX, and I’m glad you found this post helpful :slight_smile:

Excellent post.

I added a hyperlink on this post so people can find it easily.



For people that have multiple Stellar accounts on their Ledger device: You can specify which account you would like to access in stellarterm by providing a custom BIP32 path:



Great timing. Was going to figure out how to add my other account today.

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Awesome Scott! Will try with my Nano S plus. Thanks a million.

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Has anyone successfully used a Ngrave Zero to store TFT? It supports Stellar, so it should work, right?

While it does indicate that Stellar is indeed supported: , it seems however when signing up - it requires you to sync your Liquid app, or purchase an actual physical hardware wallet device. Owing to which, I wasn’t able to test further to arrive at a conclusion.

Ledger’s are on sale. That’s what I use to secure my TFT.

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Supporting XLM and support tokens issued on Stellar are separate features. I didn’t find any indication that Ngrave Zero supports Stellar tokens, only XLM.

Thanks for the note on BIP paths. I’ve added this to the original post.

Thanks, Scott. Also thanks to @tullysinc and @FLnelson.


StellarTerm isn’t connecting to the Ledger Nano S - see attached screenshot. I tried it using StellarX and also instead, and the connection was successful. Reading into the issue, the most recent updates on the Ledger Nano S may be the problem with connecting to StellarTerm, forcing the user to downgrade to a previous update.

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I just tried with a Nano S, and it does work on Stellarterm.

Maybe try a different browser, or update the firmware and/or the browser?

Let us know how it goes!

Thanks for the report. I’ll edit the original post to mention that trying another wallet interface is a good course of action if an error like this occurs.

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I did try with the most recent updates on the Ledger Nano S and it works on stellarterm.

@mrrightwilson Have you tried stellarterm on Brave by any chance? This might work with the latest update.

I would tend to think that it is better to use the most up-to-date version of the hardware if possible.

Tft chain?
Thanks man