Stopped 3bot cannot be started again

hi everyone, I cannot start my 3bot anymore. My original solution expired last month so I went to 3bot Deployer site and selected my existing 3bot, than I clicked on Start button and went through the process and made a new payment (TFT tokens are gone from my wallet). After that 3bot initialized, but starting failed with some error message… now it’s asking me to pay again. Can you please help with bringing my 3bot online?

Hey @peteruller, sorry to hear about the trouble with your 3bot. Tokens for failed deployments should get refunded back to your wallet, can you verify that did not happen? Some other details that will help in looking into this: are you using the testnet or mainnet deployer? What’s the name of the 3bot?

Generally after an error during deployment, I’d say just try again, but if it’s kept your tokens without deploying, there’s definitely something to look into.

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hi scott, tokens have not been refunded back to my wallet. 3bot name is peteruller and is using mainnet. Thanks for reply.

Sure thing. I’d recommend getting in touch with support using the icon in the bottom right of this page.


I posted my issue here on forum because I’m not getting any response from the support. I provided my e-mail address many times, but nobody ever reached out to me. I’ve been trying to get help nearly whole month without success…

You may try to contact support with Telegram:

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Have confirmed with @abdultf that a support ticket is active for this issue. Find here on Github.

@ahmedthabet, it sounds like we could still use some help investigating the missing tokens.

@peteruller, if you’re willing to try again and document the issue, that would be helpful and the team will refund any lost tokens. Otherwise, deploying a new 3Bot would be your best bet.

Hello @peteruller, Apologies for the rough experience. I’m checking the issue in the sdk repo and I traced the issue to the gateways some sort of broken reservation. however, I’ll make sure that it’s fixed and for sure your tokens will be fully refunded manually until we Integrate automatic refunds. Please feel free to reach out to me personally on any of the telegram chats. My handle is @xmonader. Thank you for supporting threefold.

edit: I also refunded the address mentioned in the ticked with 124 TFT.

Thanks so much Thabet :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello together, I can confirm that 124 have been refunded back to my wallet. So I tried to start my 3bot again and made new payment. 3bot start failed again, I tried one more with the same result (screenshots attached)Screenshot from 2021-06-13 08-51-59 Screenshot from 2021-06-13 08-59-18

Thanks all for your help.

Thanks for the report. I have added this info to your support ticket.

Creating a new 3Bot would likely be the best way to keep moving forward, while the team works on this issue.

Hello @scott, I seem to be running in the same issue where I simply cannot start an instance of a bot. Even if I try to create a new 3bot it will give me the following message

Failed to initialize 3Bot on , please contact support. Use the refresh button on the upper right to restart 3Bot creation

In this case the name is limitlessvalue1. But it has gone wrong a few times. I’ve deleted the bots. Sometimes it gives me the option to restart it, fund it with TFT and then it still fails to initialize, not refunding the TFT.


Could you maybe take a look? If I have to post this in a new topic please say so

Addition: small question, during the setup it ask the Deployment Location: when set to automatic is usually fails. Once set to farm you have to select the freefarm (and it worked once using it that way). What are the consequences of your choice in these options?

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I have the same issue , tried 3 times today and get same message and no refund of nearly 300 tft

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