Stickers are in

All the stickers are in. I do need to charge what I paid for them, no more. $3 shipping anywhere in US. Calculate your own shipping from Florida outside of US. Venmo @nelson-anderson or TFT @ GB7XGHQ3NRVPW5SDGLRVYOX523PTYPEOHNPD5SBY4XMKIWRTZ44VYSN6

Either rectangle sticker Size: 2" x 2.66" 300 total each - 39 cents each
TF transfer sticker Size: 2.53" x 2" Made to fit nice on a mini PC 300 total - 56 cents each
Tiny TF sticker, small enough for the limited flat space on a rack server 500 total - 12 cents each



@FLnelson - Thanks for bringing Uncle Sam to the party! :laughing:

Brilliant sticker campaign! :raised_hands:

Actually, its dumb for me to charge for these. Just let me know what you want.

Well it’s your call. But you did put a lot of time in this project and it’s kind of natural to pay at least for the cost + shipping.

Anyway, amazing stickers!

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Were these made by StickerMule perchance?

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Indeed, high quality stuff, and free hot sauce!


My cousin (whom is my tennant as well) works there. He may very well have made those stickers. He knows nothing of this project but it’d be funny if I stuck one of those stickers around the house


Hi, how to order those btw, want to have some.


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Just let me know how many of what and where to send. You and DM me. Are you in US?

Sorry mate, didn’t see the messages at first.

I’m in the Netherlands btw.

So am I; if you order some more we can combine it in one shipment.

Okay that’s nice, I think 5x of all the presented stickers/pages will be enough for me.

I only have 5 sheets of the small ones, let me know how many of the small stickers you need and coordinate with the other Dutchman on a shipment.

@FLnelson @mavadeve I think when possible I’ll have 30 of the little ones (or whatever close to it for easy sharing/cutting, and 10 of the rectangular threefold logo plud 10 of the keep calm. Would that work? Don’t care for uncle sam, sorry :hugs:
Just ship them to Madeve, we’ll split shipping costs. Cant be much for an envelope. (Just regular postal shipping) Once he receives them we’ll figure out how to get them to me.

DM your address and I’ll send out.