StarLink Integration with ThreeFold Grid

Greetings from Canada, ThreeFold family! Now that I’m here where StarLink will be tested and deployed first, I’d love to be educated on how the TF Grid integration will work with this and perhaps other satellite systems. We do not have cell phone service where we are, which is great for 5G -free zone yet not so great for working virtually.
We’ve assembled a team here and will start with Farming, yet how will that work (again) with the satellite internet model vs the cable/router system?
Thank You for helping my team and I be prepared to share ThreeFold with Canada and Elon :wink:


Hi @anna thanks for the good question!
@weynandkuijpers already wrote up 2 letters to reach Elon Musk, I think he’d be the perfect person to chip in here!

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The letters @weynand wrote can be found here:

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Hi Anna, nice to hear from Canada. As you can see I see great opportunities for Starlink and Threefold to bring better services to remote places. What about organising a zoom when you have access to connectivity? We have not yet had our hands on Starlink equipments but the working assumptiom is that is works similar to a domenstic connectivity product like ADSL or fibre to the home and therefore it can service farms in remote areas.

Let me know how you would like to connect and dicuss further, really looking forward to it. :rocket: