Some constructive feedback about explanations for TFT and TFTA

Some constructive feedback to:

The following explanations are misleading for me …

TFT is the default token to be used for capacity reservation on the Threefold grid. Users pay for capacity with TFT. The TFTs are paid out to farmers, and a smaller percentage goes to the Threefold Foundation, the non-profit organisation that promotes the development of the grid.

TFTA are the TFT tokens that were previously registered on TFchain, the Threefold in-house built blockchain (using Rivine technology). In other words: if you had TFT before the conversion you will have now TFTA in your wallet.

TFT okey… are the TF Tokens… which arey paid … moment hold on - i thought my new migrated wallet will be a TFTA wallet?

  • confused

Next confusion:

TFTA are the TFT tokens that were previously registered on TFchain

That sounds for me, as TFTA is the old Token on TFChain…

Which one is now the Stellar TFT Token… I had to read that 5 times to - maybe - unterstand it :wink:

If im the only one who is confudsed now, i have to rethink my understanding. but if not then i ask for a clearer explanation


@flowmotion Thank you for your valuable feedback

The Wikis have been updated to ensure that the community has a better understanding of TFT and TFTA.

Also, there is a decent video explanation under the link below that should answer most of the questions,

  1. What is TFT and what is TFTA ?
  2. What happens to your TFTs ?
  3. Can you still buy or sell your TFTs ?

for everyone’s reference, we are in the next phase.
TFTA is now a staking pool for TFT, for the rest there is no difference any more.
See august update.

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lots of updates on wiki check e.g.