Social Media Advertisements

in short…

i dont know where the money for this project is coming from… but i think it would help ALOT to advertise on internetmedia like Socialmedia and other modern machine-learning-controlled advertisement platforms or similar

there are so many people out there they would love to join this community but they just doesnt know about that…

for example me… i was never interested in Cryptocurrency because i rly think its bad for the planet its just about money… for example Bitcoin… wasting a huge amount of energy to calculate this sh.t sorry

i just had luck to hear abut from a friend… i had a bad time and was searching a distraction. now i love all about this. its a amazing project.

but what i want to say… i think its wrong that only bitcoin-like media and channels are talking about TF… for me it is nothng about cryptocurrency…

ok it was accidentally longer than i thought it would be xD

go further TF team u rock!


Dear flowmotion,

thank you very much for your kind and motivating words. At the moment we are focusing our efforts primarily into the development of the ThreeFold Grid and 3Bot. There we are making quick and steady progress.
For more detail about the latest developments, please have a look at this recording of our community call if you have not already done so.

We believe in a natural adoption of solutions that are more efficient, sustainable and empowering for their users. With this adoption comes also more public awareness.
In addition to that and nearing the launch of the TF Token on several exchanges, we are increasing our efforts to deliver quality content and information around ThreeFold.


@maximilianrang I thinks and know from experience if you want adoption you will need to do marketing. Sinds we are less than one month away from the launch on several exchanges I do think we need to start as soon as possible to get this great project that threefold is out in the open…

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Thanks @flowmotion so much for your comments and your enthusiasm.

We haven’t use paid social media advertising to date as it goes against our values. We believe that people should own their own data. It’s of course a really tremendous awareness tactic, there is no denying that. But it doesn’t feel right for us to use those tools. If you disagree or have a suggestion, let me know!

What we’re really focused on is generating awareness in more organic ways – by leveraging our network and their networks and working with partners to spread the word. That’s all being put into motion as we speak.

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I don’t think @maximilianrang was inferring we won’t be doing any marketing. :slight_smile: More end of this week, my brother.

You know I am very excited to push this out @gosam :)! Can’t wait :)!